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__builtin_LINE(), __builtin_FUNCTION(), __builtin_FILE() GCC builtins

Log4cplus, the library I maintain, uses __builtin_LINE(), __builtin_FUNCTION(), __builtin_FILE() builtins ([1]) when they are available. The availability is detected by version check against GCC 4.8 and later. The Intel C++ compiler version 15.0.1 claims GCC version 4.9.0 compatibilty, yet the builtins are not recognized. Are these hidden behind some switch that I do not notice or are they actually not implemented?

_mm256_alignr_epi8 documentation lists possibly-incorrect AVX2 instruction

The documentation for the AVX2 intrinsic _mm256_shuffle_epi8 in the User and Reference Guide for the Intel C++ Compiler 15.0 states that the corresponding AVX2 intrinsic is VPALIGNRB:

PGO/IPO confusion, and some other questions.

Hi all! I've been using the Intel Compiler for a while now, and the runtime performance increase is pretty satisfactory.

Despite this I still have some questions which need some better explanation because I've been really confused with all the different documentation out there.

Debugging Issues related to O3 Flag

I have a code that runs about 40% faster with the O3 flag on compared to O2 flag.

But recently I have started noticing some errors (non-physical results) in the code compiled with O3 flag.

I would like to keep using O3 but would like to isolate the part of code creating issue when using O3.

How can I figure out which part of the code is creating the issue when using the O3 flag?

internal error: assertion failed at: "shared/cfe/edgcpfe/expr.c", line 3653

Trying to evaluate Intel Compiler 15, but I can't get it to compile our C++11 code base. I've worked around some other problems (both compile find with g++-4.8 and clang++-3.5), but I having a harder time working around this one... Is this a known issue? The evaluation process is very difficult. Its unclear from the emails where or how to get support? With 30 days, it will take me 30 days to workaround just getting our code to compile... argh!

Intel Software Manager crashes

I'm using Parallel Studio 2015 on an Ubuntu 14.04 machine. It worked fine for about one month, then the ISM crashed during an update. When I try to open it I get now:

Intel(R) Software Manager startup error. Please see /tmp/intel.ism.XXX.error.log for details.

The file mentioned above only contains:


/bin/bash: line 1:   793 Segmentation fault      (core dumped) /opt/intel/ism/bin/intel64/ismcore 2> /tmp/intel.ism.XXX.error.log 1>&2

Thanks for all help!

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