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Memory crash in DSS


I modified DSS solver so that I could solve my own system using it but at the dss_solve_real step memory error occurs. I use malloc to allocate memory for the system while the example dss_sym_c.c uses static constants.

When I try to solve 1000 x 1000 system my program crashes with a segmentation fault. In case of larger systems 100 000 x 100 000 "MKL-DSS-DSS-Error, Out of memory" happens.

Here's the code:

Problem using DSS


I'm taking my first steps at MKL and after installation and linking libraries (I have Ubuntu 12.04, 64-bit) I tried to modify the direct solver dss_sym_c.c so that I could solve my sparse symmetric system which is stored in a binary file (1 based index). I changed CSR system but after that an unclassifiable error uccured at the "reorder step" of the program. What can be the reason of it?

Here's the code:

Запись в разрфженную матрицу и чтение из нее.

Добрый день. Есть ли в Intel MKL метод записи значения в разряженную матрицу? И соответственно чтение из нее. Нужно что-то типа такого:

sparseMatrix[1,3] = 0.012;

value = sparseMatrix[1,3];

Если есть, дайте пож-та пример, как такую разряженную матрицу инициализировать и работать с ней.


Заранее спасибо.


Access to previous versions of Intel MKL

I want to use DLL and Libs of Intel MKL version in my software program. If I purchase a license copy of latest version of Intel MKL for example 11.0, then do I get access to previous version i.e.

Please let me know if any body knows about this. Thank you in advance.

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