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Paths of MKL/icc on Mac OS X


I have (hopefully) a simple question.

I have just installed MKL (m_mkl_p_10.0.3.020) on my Mac Pro, but the header files and the libraries are not showing up at the usual convenient site (/usr/local/lib, or even /opt/intel/), but are in directories such as:

/Library/Frameworks/Intel_MKL.framework/Versions/Current/Libraries/em64t/ ... etc.

BUG for in-place forward DFTs ??

The following simple program does not produce the correct results. It's behavior actually seems to be some times correct, most of the times wrong, when you run it several times, consecutively!

It is a simple forward transform of two identical sets of datas (DFTI_NUMBER_OF_TRANSFORMS is > 1) stored consecutively in the same 1D array (TIME_DATA). The two data sets (8 time points each) correspond to a simple cosine signal.

The forward transform for thefirst data set is always properly calculated. The second transform is wrong most of the time.

pardiso crashed with no memory when only processing 1 million * 1 million sparse matrix


I use pardiso to solve a million cells problem, i.e. the matrix size is only 1 million * 1million, the nozero number is only 3.9 million numbers, in my pc with 2G RAM.

Unfortunately, pardiso crashes during LU factoration. Pardiso tells me during reordering in partition metis it produces nearly 800 million nozeros in L+U.

It seems to be a little ridiculous, right? In LU0 factoration, I think the nozero number should not exceed the original matrix's nozero.

Undefined functions in customized shared library on Linux

I'm building customized MKL shared libray on Open Suse 10.2. I use the default settings in "mkl/", my list file include some cblas and lapack functions, and my build command is "make threading=serial ia32" to build serial library for ia32 (my processor is intel core2).

Linux 32 debugging MKL - break on XERBLA

I am trying to debug a problem on Linux 32.

I am getting this output

MKL ERROR : Parameter 4 was incorrect on entry to DLASCL

I thought that I could break on XERBLA in gdb to find out what the stack is at this point, but this does not seem to work ( I tried both xerbla and XERBLA). I can break at DLASCL without any problems but DLASCL is called thousands of times.

How do I get the code to break at this error?

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