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"Debug this problem" with data race - stop only when the race occurs?

I'm a new user and am investigating a data race. I used the "debug this problem" feature and when the debugger stopped, only 1 thread was in the problematic code. So, I couldn't actually see the data race occurring. Is there any way to have the debugger continue until an actual data race occurs (e.g. one thread is reading the value while another thread is writing the value)?


Greg Bishop

Using Windows Slim Reader Writer Locks gives false positives for data race?

I have code which does the following:



SharedVar = someVal;





var = SharedVar;


When I run the Intel Inspector to Locate Deadlocks and Data Races it says that there is read/write data race in accessing the presimably locked SharedVar. Does the Intel Inspector properly work with slim reader / writer locks or should I just discard the issue as a false positive?

Inspector XE hangs on ffmpeg program

I just updated Intel Inspector XE to update 5 version.

One of program I was using hangs. It worked fine on previous version.

CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU

OS: Ubuntu 12.04 with kernel 3.2.0-39.

Used ffmpeg-0.6.3 with input file atttached but it does not stop for more than 24 hours.

The exact command line was: (it also hangs on GUI version)

Deallocation through a different pointer

Has anyone figured out if Intel Inspector will get tricked if memory is deallocated through a different pointer than it was originally associated with? For example if I have a array pointer that I allocate space for, and fill, then I point another array pointer to the original pointer, and deallocate the memory by the new pointer? If I try to deallocate the old pointer I get run time errors, if I don't deallocate it the Inspector reports a memory leak. Is this really a leak? Any help is appreciated.

sharing intel inspector results with external collaborators


My question pertains to the static analyzer in particular, but also relevant to the thread or memory checker.

I work on a very large scientific code with a number of collaborators at other institutions (national laboratories, universities, etc.). Many of them do not have access to the Intel Inspector. How can I disseminate the results of the code analysis to my collaborators in an intelligible format? The output looks like XML, is there some universal Java reader that is free available, or something that can generate a PDF report.

Thanks in advance.

Intel Inspector XE behavior in MFC

An MFC application is reporting many memory leaks at exit using MFC's internal mem leak checker.

Running Inspector didn't reveal those leaks.

I've read that MFC can falsly report leaks because linked DLLs allocate memory before MFC's memory tracker becomes active.

I tried linking to MFC's DLLs first via linker options (confirmed by viewing the linker output in VERBOSE mode). MFC links first but the leaks are still showing.

The application is linked with several boost DLLs as well as 2-3 user DLLs which are not MFC DLLs.

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