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How do I generate HTML based results?

Hello, Does anyone know how to generate an HTML based report so that you can view the results without having to have Inspector XE installed? If we can share the results without having to download Intel Inspector XE, that would be great. We are a small startup and only have one fixed license. Actually, if I could script Inspector XE to run overnight on one of our Jenkins slaves, that would be ideal since the reports would be ready for everyone in the morning. Thanks, Christian

Intel Fortran 11.1

Hi There,
I wanted to buy a license for Intel Fortran 11.1. I have got a few questions:

1- Is it possible to download the Intel Fortran 11.1 directly from the intel website and purchase a license from Intel itself? If so, how?
2- My machine is running with windows 7 (64 bit- Intel64). How do I know that the DVD that I am buying will be compatible with my operating system?
3- If later down the road I decide to change my OS to WIN 7 (32 bit), would this DVD (that is suitable for Intel64) be working with IA32, too?


wrapped memory allocator

Hi all,

I'm evaluating the Intel C++ Studio for Linux. Yesterday I was trying the Inspector XE on my software. In my software I have wrapped the calls to malloc/free in order to be flexible in the future (tcmalloc/jemalloc).

Now all the memory-leaks that show-up after the analysis show as leaks in my wrapper code, which makes it impossible to see which function doesn't free its allocated memory.

Is there a possibility to show the whole call-stack in case of a memory-leak?

Many thanks for your help!

Inspector XE Client - not able to run

I am able to run the inspxe-cl in my server machine based on Centos 5.4 (Linux dt05 2.6.18-194.el5 #1 SMP Fri Apr 2 14:58:14 EDT 2010 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux). The same i try to run on my development setup, which is a stripdown version of the same Centos 5.4. I am not able to run the inspxe-cl, it throws out the error below.

[admin@at02 ~]# inspxe-cl -c

Error: Unknown option: -c

Can someone help me in identifying the issue?


I didnt see any library issue in the dev setup. Ldd output attached below.

trial version

I just downloaded and installed the trial version of Inspector XE. I get the error "no license for static securuity analysis"

I intalled using evaluation license and therefore I did not do any thing with the license file that came with the download e-mail.

How do I try the evaluation of Inspector XE to see if it will fix our fortran problems?

Also, is Inpector XE included with the Intel Visual Fortran license?

Intel Inspector XE defect results in loss of SSA problem state information

We recently discovered a serious Inspector XE defect related to SSA problem state information. Problem state information will be permanently lost when you reopen an SSA result with a different Inspector XE version than was used at the last open. Furthermore, when you open a new SSA result for the first time Inspector XE automatically opens the previous result in order to inherit its state information. If the previous result was last opened by a different Inspector XE version then this implicit open will cause the state information in the previous result to be permanently lost.

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