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FYI: linux process failure from vm.max_map_count overrun


If a process (running with or without Inspector XE) fails with a insufficient memory error while the machine seems to have plenty left, a vm.max_map_count overrun could be the problem.

Here's how to find out what the per process limit is:

sysctl vm.max_map_count
> vm.max_map_count = 65530

And how to estimate how many mappings your process us using

cat /proc/<process id>/maps | wc -l

I've seen the problem occur for a process (Autodesk's maya) that uses the mmap system call directly for many smallish allocations.


erroneous memory leak detection from Fortran 90 MPI operations

I have been using Inspector XE to look for memory leaks and it is reporting a memory leak where I would not expect one from an MPI operation. The unusual behavior is that if the size of the transfer is below a certain array size no memory leaks are reported, but if the array size is larger than this threshold then a memory leak is reported.

I have attached a simple Fortran 90 program that demonstrates the behavior along with the makefile necessary to compile it.

The command to execute the program that I have been using is:

valgrind suppresion file conversion failure


I'm trying to convert the attached valgrind suppression file but get this message:

/opt/intel/inspector_xe_2013/bin64/inspxe-cl -convert-suppression-file -from "./valgrind_maya.txt" -to "./inspxe_maya.sup"
Error: Unable to convert old format or third-party suppression file <snip>./valgrind_maya.txt to new suppression file <snip>./inspxe_maya.sup. Failed to load suppression file.

The suppression file works with valgrind-3.9.0


Firefox*: Windows* OS Help Viewer Pane is Blank When Viewing CHM file

Hello Forum:  We have noticed that the Intel® Parallel Studio XE documentation may not function correctly when accessed with the Firefox* browser.

The exhibited behavior is that the right-hand pane (reading pane) in the help viewer is blank, and this problem may well extend to other documentation collections as well.  Any CHM file downloaded from the Firefox* browser could exhibit this problem.

Settings for managing the inspxe-tmp-root and inspxe-log-root


I noticed that every launch of inspxe-cl would be logged to /tmp/inspxe-log-root/ and /tmp/inspxe-tmp-root

Is there a way to change that location?
Is there a way to disable such logging?
Is there a way to manage the maximum size / age / rotation of such logs?



unsolved memeory error of build-in qt application

I am running intel inspector XE 2013 for a demo of QT application. it turns out lots of lots of errors such as Kernel resource leak, Memory leak, Uninitialized memory access...

I go to call stacks for one of the memory leak, but all of them point the QT model , function and filename.

How should I solve this problems?  or they are ignorable? any help will be appreciated.


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