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Large arrays in AViz, don't use shape function if possible

This information has been discussed in the Fortran Compiler forum, I thought I would add a note here. I recently started using some large arrays with over 300,000 rows and perhaps 1,000 colmns. My problems arose when I wanted to use the AVStartWatch routine. According to the User Manual, one would invoke an expression like this:

call avStartWatch(LOC(XYPlotData(1:nRows,(iSubCol):(iSubCol))), 2, &
shape(XYPlotData(1:nRows,(iSubCol):(iSubCol))), AV_REAL4, Ydatastring(i), status)

Workaround code

I found Array Visualizer to be the biggest productivity booster of any software package I've used, but now I'm usingParallel StudioXE on 64-bit Windows 7 I have lost all hope of ever being able to use it again; an inexplicable omission on Intel's part.

How to display simple x-y graph during debugging?

I am using VS2005 with Intel Composer XE (i e, IVF). I set a breakpoint in my code, and when execution stops there, I want to show a plot of my array, d. The array is allocated as d(2048,499,3), but what I want to see plotted is d(1:2048,1,1) vs the first dimension. After I get this working, I will want to plot d(i,1,1) vs x(i,1) for i=1..2048.

Array Viewer Source Code

I use the Array Visualizer to drive graphics from by FORTRAN program. The FORTRAN program builds the HDF5 database, but the actual presentation is made by the Array Viewer, interacting with the application by way of an intermediary process (AvMemFLSvr.exe). I am very pleased with Array Viewer/Array Visualizer capabilities.

Array Visualizer in Windows 7 (32 or 64 bit)


I'm trying to get the "View Array" option to work in the debugger on Windows 7 (32 or 64 bit) but as soon as I select "View Array", I get the familiar Visual Studio crash.

Myinstallation procedure is as follows

1) VS2008
2) AV 3.3
3) IVF 11.1.054

On Windows XP SP3 32 bit, the above procedure just works (and is all I need to do) and I can use "View Array" when debugging.

On any flavour of Windows 7, it doesn't.

AV in WIN 7

I am raising this issue here and already raised it on the Fortran forum. I have a desktop and laptop computer. Both are running Win 7 pro 64-bit and both are running IVF 11.1 with VS 2008. I followed identical install procedure on both for the Array Visualizer and in both cases it appears in the VS menus as expected. For both machines projects loaded from the AV>sample>fortan directory compile and appear to execute correctly.

Sine2D Sample Fails

Hello all,

I'm currently running with the following settings:

Win7 x64
MS VS 2005 Pro
Array Visualizer 3.3 (av_dev_ia32)
UAC turned off

My problem can easily be reproduced (on my machine anyway) using the Samples\\\\MFC\\\\Sine2D program. The steps I take to create the problem are as follow:

Using avAlloc and avStartWatch in C code

John suggested using the above to help in debugging. Here is my understanding--feel free to correct mistakes.

Question 1:

The manual says "Use avStartWatch
for arrays that are not dynamically allocated. Calling avStartWatch
results in more memory being used than with avAlloc,
since the array data needs to be copied to shared memory."

array visualizer with W7 64 bit OS

1) I have been trying to install and use the old Intel Array Visualizer 3.3(from with my Intel Fortran 11.1.065 compiler recently installed on my new W7 64 bit Dell 5500 desktop with the Microsoft Visual studio 2008 installed. I had previously succeeded in using this vizualiser on a separated 32-bit machine under Vista using the Intel 11.0 Fortran Compiler. I do not honestly know if my compiler is set to produce 64 or 32 bit apps, since I'm just learning how to go beyond my old fully 32 bit experience.

Array Visualizer greyed out in Debug toolbar


Have the above problem while debugging C and Fortran code.

32-bit Array Visualizer installed Program Files (x86)
Visual Studio 2008--32-bit compiler installed
IVF 11.1 32-bit installed as well. Uninstalled and reinstalled after installing Array visualizer.
64-bit Windows 7

Sample programs (C and Fortran) that come with Array Visualizer run flawlessly.

But, the Array Visualizer is greyed in the Debug toolbar, even in the sample projects that come with Array visualizer.
What should I do?

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