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Integration with visual-studio

Hi, now I think I know the array viewer can be integated with visual-studio. So given I have installed the intel fortran compiler, then I install the array viewer. I also set the path in the visual-studio. I try a file, everything is OK.

Since my target is to see the array in a debug window, so I set a breakpoint (Is this necassary?). So during the debug, I select a variable in the code, and right-click it. I really have seen "View Array", but it is disabled as shown in the attached file.

My silly questions


I am excited to see intel array viewer. Could I ask some silly questions?

1. What is the relationship between array viewer and Array Visualizer? I get this question when I download them from There are two files to download, and However, when I install them, I can not see the difference. Can I say the viewer and the visualzer are integrated together?

Use of Advance = YES and EOR give no warning/error

I think the snippet below should give at least a warning when compiled with standard warning is enabled since EOR cannot be specified for Advance == YES.

I am using 11.1.038 on WinXP64 with VS2005.

The command line for compilation is:

/nologo /debug:full /Od /gen-interfaces /stand:f03 /warn:all /module:"Debug\" /object:"Debug\" /traceback /check:bounds /libs:static /threads /dbglibs /c



Program Test_NoAdvance

! Purpose: Test Advance = NO

Implicit None

Using Array Visualizer 1.1 with Compaq Visual Fortran 6.1


I'm trying to use AV 1.1 in connection with CVF 6.1 on Windows XP. In former times the source code I got used to work, but after a reinstallation on a new computer in cause of crew changes, the AV just doesn't open. Using AV manually works without any problems, but it's quite important for me to get it started by a fortran program. I'm using the following code for the AV to display the 2D-Array 'f':

Q. for John Readey

Hi John,

I think I'm close to my goal of being able to use the nice 3D viewing capabilities in the astsrojet.h5 example within my Fortran code, but I've run into a snag. I hope you'll be able to tell me whether what I'm trying to do is achievable by someone with my rudimentary understanding of AV.

Fortran code with template xml file for 3D array viewing

I have taken the astrojet.h5 file and used it as the basis for a template xml file that, in conjunction with some Fortran code, allows me to view any symmetrical 3D array, i.e. NxNxN, in the same way as the astrojet code. This is good enough for me because in my application of interest the array is always symmetrical. The idea is that the Fortran code reads the template file, and uses it in combination with the array data to create another xml file that can then be opened with avOpen.

avReadArray 3D

I am having trouble reading a 3D array (actually dset from the file astrojet.h5 that comes with the AV distribution). I can open the file, and view it, and get the extents of dset, but avReadArray() returns status = -1.

character(*), parameter :: dsetpath = '/dset'
integer :: nExtent3(3), status
real, allocatable :: dset(:,:,:)
character(*), parameter :: template_filename = 'astrojet.h5'

print *, "Opening the file: ", template_filename
call avOpen(template_filename, 0, status)

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