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If you use Intel-made software development tools on an Itanium-based system, this is a place to belong.

The purpose of this forum is exchange questions and answers, product ideas, compliments and complaints about said tools.

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Compiler for itanium


I'll start some tests soon with a cluster based on itanium machines and would like to know if there is the need of some specific fortran compiler or if the Composer 2013 for Linux can compile and link applications for Itanium.

I appreciate your help :)

Eduardo Jauch

icc for ia64, bug fixes ?


I've been using an educational/non-commercial license for icc for our itanium machine.

This machine has been also running for a while the build testing of the postgresql database

And we've just hit two icc bugs visible with two versions that I have installed: 10.0.026, 11.1 20100401:

A learnig tool, Itanium kernel and hw/sw- interface

Hi, some years ago I developed a code and updated it now with a simplified demand paging and fork system call..

My homepage description: Intel's Itanium Systems Architecture and System Programmer's guide has 676 pages and about 30 lines of example code (one line/20 pages). My code can be seen as a manual extension: about 1500 code lines makes 2 lines/ manual page. It is by no means a full scale operating system but a learning tool.

Looking for Intel 64 and IA-32 Architectures Developer's Manual paper version

Hello all, I wasn't sure where to ask this: I've been starting to read through the "Intel 64 and IA-32 Architectures Developer's Manual" pdf and thought I'd ask if there was a published paper version of these 5 volumes and if there was a way to order a set?

Compiling the Linux Kernel with ICC or 12.0

I was reading the article "Compiling the Linux Kernel with Intel C++ Compiler 12" and I saw the following line.

The issue comes from the inline assember not being supported.

"With a small wrapper script and a limited number of temporary source patches, weve successfully compiled Linux kernels 2.4.21, 2.6.9, 2.6.18 and 2.6.32 with the Intel C++ Compilers on IA-32, Intel 64 and IA-64."

I have some questions

EPIC9 Call for Papers (Chamonix, France, April 2nd or 3rd, 2011)



Ninth Workshop on Explicitly Parallel Instruction
Computing Architectures and Compiler Technology (EPIC-9)

April 2 or 3 (TBD), 2011

Chamonix, France

In conjunction with the IEEE/ACM International Symposium
on Code Generation and Optimization (CGO)

Optimization of ABINIT 6.0.2 using Intel Compilers/MKL on a Linux/SGI Altix/Itanium platform

Dear Sir or Madam,

at the LRZ computing center Garching, Munich ( we are currently trying to optimize the ABINIT software ( version 6.0.2 on various platforms using Intel compilers and libraries for scientific use at the Technical University Munich and at Munich University of Applied Sciences.
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