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Intel ESG

I have a requirement where the incoming message to the Intel ESG is a SOAP with Attachment(SwA) message. The attachment is a .csv file. The ESG has to take the attachment file and place it in the SFTP folder.

Can someone please help on dealing with the attachment file ? I tried the function get-attachment(ma_key,attachment_position) whose return type is mentioned as Document Object. Not sure how to handle this further.

Express Service Gateway - SSL Security without Client Cert.


We have setup an invocation agent to call a third party web service which runs on https.

[Internet] >> Input Server >> Invocation Agent >>ssl>> [ThirdParty Host]

Once handshake is done, the external server sends the server certificate to ESG.

This is followed by ESG sending the client certificate (Asymetric keys, configured under Security Configuration) to the remote server.

How to setup Security Configuration to access https web service (self-signed cert)


I have a proxy workflow that does dynamic routing to different web services; some are http based and some are https based. For the https based ones, the server certificates (for ssl) are self-signed.

I followed the steps outlined in the Security Reference Guide (from ESG Documentation R 5-1) but after many attempts, I have not been able to get it to work.

Can you please outline the exact steps required for the above scenario? Note that for the https servers, it is only a simple one-way ssl setup.



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