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Try Intel SOA Expressway software for yourself....

Just a quick post to let people know that they can now try SOA Expressway directly themselves. Go to the
portal and you can select to download Services Designer to use yourself
to write a web service or proxy (don't worry, we'll provide step by
step instructions). We'll then set up a cloud instance of the runtime
for you to deploy your service onto and experiment with for 2 days.

Publishing WSDLs with a service. Part 1 - single WSDLs.

It is common practise for app servers (both Java / Tomcat and .NET
based) and components offering web services to advertise their WSDLs via
an HTTP GET request. This makes for a quick and easy way to test that
something is there during setup. Also, it is convenient for developers
and sys admins during testing and deployment phases since they can
source the interface description directly from the web service they want
to interact with.

Newbie question

Hi, I installed the product yesterday and about 8 hours I am facing a problem, probably silly, but I can not go forward.

The error I get is that invoking the resource proxy "Failed to classify input to Workflow".Does anyone have any idea what could be?

I searched on and obviously site but have not found anything ...

Thanks in advance


Authenticating signing certificates from XML Digital Signatures

In this situation we are dealing with a non WS Security XML Digital
Signature such as a detached or enveloped type. WS Security signatures
have authentication built in to the verification policy and are dealt
with already in the quickstarts which come with Intel SOA Expressway.

Extracting X509 certificate fields for use in the workflow.

You might want to deal with various details which the certificate
carries in the workflow, maybe to perform some kind of verification and
authorisation. There are two distinct ways to do this in Services

Method 1:

Choose a custom GetSOAPHeader workflow action that extracts out the
Security node with the wsse namespace for WS Security. this is followed
by an extension function:

soae-xf:get-certificate-field$GetSOAPHeader//*[local-name() = 'BinarySecurityToken'], 'subject-name')

Using Extension Functions within a style sheet (XSLT).

Intel SOA Expressway Extension Functions provide many powerful and low level functions that are commonly used in workflows in the f(x) action. It is also possible to use them in style sheets (XSLT) which SOAE executes within the workflow.

There are reasons you may wish to do this such as needing to dynamically change parts of the workflow by using remote XSLT files. Or not wanting to break up an XSLT file into many parts just to go back into the workflow to run an extension function.

Issue writing logs to syslogs


I have Intel SOA Expressway installed on a Linux and Windows boxes. While any Error/Warning/Info messages are being written to Event Viewer on Windows box, the same is not getting reflected in syslogs on my Linux machine.

Do I have to make any configuration changes to get this reflected?

I am using Intel SOA Expressway R2.3.0 version.


Intel SOA Expressway


Wehave requirement to support application which has Intel SOA Expressway and Biztalk in it. I am looking to explore myself in Intel SOA Expressway, I have already requested for Evaluation version of expressway. Can any one help me finding right resource to start learning software development aspects of intel SOA Expressway.


Training videos on Intel Learning Network

To help show the capabilities and ease of development and deployment of Intel SOA Expressway we've made the following technical videos available:

Securing Web Services with SOAE
Using Web Service Security in SOAE
Using SOAE in a Healthcare Integration Scenario
Integrating Oracle Entitlements Server with SOAE

To access from Intel Learning Network on Demand.

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