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forrtl:severe(6201):sqrt:DOMAIN error


I meet this error "forrtl:severe(6201):sqrt:DOMAIN error" in my fortran 90 program. I checked my program several times, it seems that the value of the sqrt function in my program is not likely to be negative or exceed the domain. Anybody any experience or idea as to what else could cause this error message? I remember I met this error message before when I tried to export my results in Fortran to Matlab through Matlab API.

Fatal Error 2

Hi, I hope someone can help me resolve the problem I've described below.

I wrote a Fortran program to solve a minimization problem by using an IMSL subroutine, DNCONG (double precision).

To link to IMSL, I have "USE numerical_libraries" in the program. I got no compiling errors or warning when clicking on "Rebuild". The link to IMSL is also correctly set up. In fact, I am not a first-time user of IMSL subroutines. I did successfully use some IMSL subroutines to solve numerical problems with Visual Fortran.

questions about new forum

I was surprised with a message about a new forum for Fort ran compilers when I tried to respond to a post in the original forum. I hope the new one is truly better.

At one time someone stated that all the messages from the original forum would be copied over to the new one. Is that still true? I can't see any messages in the new one.

The announcement message about the new forum stated that the original one would shut down on December 7. Are we unable to continue posting to the discussion threads from the original forum?

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