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EU and Sampler


I am doing GPGPU computing for video codec applications. 

The algorithm adopted may use bi-linear filter which can take advantage of image sampler in OpenCL

However, I am not clear  however it works using underlying hardware,

say if I use sampler, will it be possible that the sampler and EU execute at the same time?

Can anyone elaborate EU and sampler's difference/relationship?


OpenCL 2014 beta with Visual Studio 2013


I try to install beta with VS 2013, but I have an "unexpected error"

In another discussion, I have see how to get log file (in attachment). There are some errors with Tahoma font and Dialog, but I imagine it's not the main problem. I have the impression that MSVC 2013 was not found, but it's on standard path (C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 12.0)

Thanks for help

  System : notebook MSI GT70, Intel i7-4700MQ, Windows 7 64b, Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 (no express), drivers updated

clBuildProgram crash with OpenCL SDK Debugger

Hi everybody - Im new to this forum.
The problem im experiencing is when im trying to add the build option to clBuildProgram like so:

err = clBuildProgram(m_program, 0, NULL, "r; -g - s \"r; C:/Users/michal/Documents/Visual//Studio//2010/Projects/FCGL2/", NULL, NULL);

At runtime the program executes everything up to this point and simply crashes. Im using Visual Studio 2013 together with the newest Intel OpenCL.

Behavior of CL_MEM_USE_HOST_PTR different on AMD and Intel Platforms


I am using CL_MEM_USE_HOST_PTR to create my input and output buffers. On AMD platform, i did the following and everything worked fine but when i tried to run this code on Intel ivy bridge i5-3470, I had to do mapping and apparently, output_gpu was of no use. I am using Visual studio 2012 on windows 7.

Resource temporarily unavailable

Hi Guys,

I am trying to install and use OpenCL on my local cluster, of which the node have a CPU and 3 MIC cards. I have installed it successfully and running clinfo will return the right information (as expected). However, when running a simple example, e.g., vector addition, only device0 can run and return normally. The other two devices (device1 and device2) can create context, kernels normally, but hangs after that.

When strack the program, it gives the following message. Do anybody have an idea of the reasons?

Xeon Phi wrong behavior


I have a new 'strange' behavior of a OpenCL kernel using the Xeon Phi.

In this case,  I have a small example written in HPL that executes perfectly in CPU, GPU but not in XEON PHI.

I've attached the example in a .cpp file. You can download HPL library to test it or you can reproduce it with OpenCL (If you need the OpenCL code, please ask me). The problem is in the following loop:

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