Havok/Scaleform use Array in AS3

Hi everybody,

I am a beginner in Havok and Scaleform.

I want to create a mini map with Scaleform.
For this I create a function in Actionscript3 with a parameter , the parameters are Units coordinate (x, y).
But something is wrong.

Get the code


VScaleformValue values[2];

values[0] = VScaleformValue(entity->GetPosition().x);
values[1] = VScaleformValue(entity->GetPosition().y);
m_spMovie->Invoke("_root.AddEnemy", values); 


cloth penerating collidables

I am trying the cloth simulation and find that sometimes the cloth will penetrate through the collidables. The situation is as follows: two collidables are created at the thigh and calf correspondingly and the cloth near the joint of thigh and calf can occasionally penetrate through the two collidables. Is it probably caused by the so called ‘pinching’ problem? I have also tried to enable pinch-detection according to the manual but it doesn't help much. Any primary suggestion about how to fix that problem or is there something I am missing? I am using the version of 2013.3.

hkVector4 bug?

Hi every body.
I Encountered some problems by class include hkVector4.
First in the project like the stand alone demo,I create two head file:test1.h and test2.h
the code here:

class Ctest1
         hkReal tt1;
             Ctest1(float s_x,float s_y,float s_z)

how can create two compound rigidbody?


I want to Create two rigidbody,and they like "compound body" , Relative position and rotation is locked and unchanged each other,so I can get their position and rotation in the world coordination. But I can not.

First,if use the compound  shape to create rigidbody,but can not get  position and rotation of every shape in compound rigidbody.

second,if use constraint to two rigidbody,but there is not named "static constraint"  in type of all constraints.

Unable to run my Havok Demo on release mode

Hi , 
  I am using havok physics 2012 for my c++ game engine . It is working on debug mode , however in spite of setting all libraries and references , it crashes in release mode . To be more precise , it crashes when I am assigning a hkpRigidBody with access violation error. I tried with release libs and also with release_dll libs. still error persists. My pre-processor directives are 


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