I can't load my custom shaderlib for a custom postprocess

I creat a shaderlib called dis.shaderlib in Shader Editor Layout.

It's located in my project folder. I add a pixel shader on it . also it has been compiled.

in my program :  BOOL bResult = Vision::Shaders.LoadShaderLibrary("C:\\svn\\Assets\\distortion.ShaderLib", SHADERLIBFLAG_NONE) != NULL;

Asynchronous simulation, control and vehicles

Hello, I'm using hk2011_2_0_r1 Havok version in attempts to create fully deterministic engine. To ensure maximum FPS while keeping fixed delta time on physics simulation, I've got in touch with asynchronous stepping. But I have concerns regarding determinism of my logic over the world one's, and vehicle's visual representation.

How to measure accident/collide power?


I'm using a hkpContactListener callback listener for measuring my vehicle body accident power, but i didn't success to found any useful data for estimating accident power on the callback function and using hkpContactPointEvent& event parameter!

How can i estimate accident/collide power? that power is need to do some game logics such as body deformation/player scoring and ...

Here is my listener, now i'm using "getSeparatingVelocity" but that is not correct and don't give me correct value for the vehicle accident power:

[0x638A1543] Warning: Failed to shrink the shape (Volume: 0.000000)

Shape\Convex\ConvexVertices\hkpConvexVerticesShapeConstructor.cpp(139): [0x638A1543] Warning: Failed to shrink the shape (Volume: 0.000000)

I'm getting this warning in my havok simulation and it's bothering me and I feel like I need it fixed so I tried to fix it myself but no luck so hopefully you guys can help.

I have a compound shape in my simulation and this is how I set it up.

Vehicle wheels don't appear in VDB(Movie included)!


My vehicle slide and i can't control it, for debugging i'm using VDB but it don't show my wheels! (Selecting Virsual Debugger->Viewer->Vehicle menu don't do anything and just mesh shapes appear in vdebugger)

I did copy all vehicle setup codes without any change from "Havok\Demo\Demos\Physics2012\Api\Vehicle\Car\CarDemo.cpp" but only the Havok demo wheels appear in the VDB not my application. 

Also my VDB initializer  is :

How to deactivate 2 penetrated boxes.


Fortunately I have been success to finish reading full of Havok documentation, Thanks for it, That was very useful !

As the Havok's Document say, When two rigid bodies have penetration(For example 2 boxes that an artist did wrong at positioning them), deactivation method can not deactivate them while they have penetration.

But i want something else, because when player reach to some part of my game map that the two boxes exists there, they must be activated.

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