Shape penetrated by hkpCharacterProxy

I load a mesh and convert it to hkpMoppBvTreeShape(no simplify).

code as follow:

hkpSimpleMeshShape* storageMeshShape = new hkpSimpleMeshShape( 0.01f );

......build the storageMeshShape(abbreviation)

hkpMoppCompilerInput mci;
  mci.m_cachePrimitiveExtents  = true;
  mci.m_enableChunkSubdivision = true;

 hkpMoppCode* moppCode = hkpMoppUtility::buildCode(storageMeshShape, mci);

 hkpMoppBvTreeShape* moppBvTreeShape = new hkpMoppBvTreeShape(storageMeshShape, moppCode);

and create static rigidbody

Big Car Vehicle Setup

hello,I have a question in Vehicle Setup.

I studied the demo in SDK of Car,The demo use program data created a chassisShape,I test to execute it have no program.

Then,I modi the chassisShape data to scale Volume of car to 10xzoom,now the car length is 40.0f,width is 20.0f, height is 10.0f,mass is 7500

So I continue change many Parameter to diffurent value in VehicleSetup.cpp,

include :


wheel.radius = 3.0f;
wheel.width = 2.0f;
wheel.mass = 100.0f;


engine.maxTorque = 8000.0f;

These files are 3d objects or just havok internal data?

Hello people

I'm trying to analyze some 3d model formats, I found some havok files but I'm not familiarized with the format.
these are the description for each file.(checked with a hexadecimal editor)


the second file say this:


and the final file say this:

Cant seem to get the download link

As the title says, the download link is not working for me to get the free Havok product.

There are a few reasons why it isn't, one being my firewall/ antivirus protection or even adblock, but after disabling all of them, no link or download file was initiated.

Second reason could be that the link is either broken or very simply not available.

Third, and probably most likely, is that I'm either on the wrong page or putting in the 'improper' information into the required fields.

How to run Multiple 'hkpWorld' instances in Multiple thread?

I'm doing a MMO Game now.
On server side,there is several region threads running,and every region contains one hkpWorld(thet are different and isolated from each other).
In main thread :
static hkMallocAllocator MallocBase;
m_ThreadMemoryRouter = hkMemoryInitUtil::initDefault(&MallocBase, hkMemorySystem::FrameInfo(2*1024*1024));

Binary Download doesn't start

Hello, I must not be understanding something here. When I go to download the latest free Havok binaries, I fill out the information requested, and click "submit", then the page just refreshes, but no download starts. At first, I thought maybe I was supposed to wait for someone to contact me with the license information and a download link, though that is not is not explicitly or implicitly stated anywhere as far as I can tell. Also, I have not received any such email.

Errors while loading exported files with hkSerializeUtil


    I'm building a 3D engine for my final year project at university and I decided to use Havok as the physics engine. I have some problems regarding file loading and file optimizations.

I use the latest version of Havok Content Tools and demo projects:


I tried to load a simple file (a box). I exported it with the Create Rigid Body and Write to Platform filters. I use 3D Studio Max 2014.

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