Ragdoll Orientations


I've got some problems regarding ragdolls.
The problem is that I'm having difficulties getting the ragdoll's orientation to the same as my visual representation. I do have the ragdoll working but the only way I get it to fully function is by multiplying the orientation of the ragdoll's root rigidBody with a right-handed Identity-Matrix (X-Vector being -1).

Having trouble downloading “HavokContentTools_2013-1-0_20130717_64Bit”

Having trouble downloading “HavokContentTools_2013-1-0_20130717_64Bit”

File downloads as “HavokContentTools_2013-1-0_20130717_64Bit_PcXs” but is not an exe.

Size is 335,471 Kb

I’ve tried re-downloading 4 times with the same results.

Tried making it executable and it installs with a report that it completed successfully. However, it is not working 3dsMax 2014.

Is there another site to download from?

Start from scratch

I just downloaded Havok physics and animation engine. the binary one lol. i thought it has its own GUI. but binary-only shoudda explained it. anyways. I don't know anything about this havok engine. but from what i read online i need to use VB for it. first. how do i do that. i downloaded VB 2010 Express and the tutorials look nothing like it. do i need visual express c++. and please. if you know tutorials online. pdf or on a website. not videos. post the link here. and tell me how do i start with a beginner project. a total beginner from 0.

Errors: Getting Started with Havok animation


I Recently installed the havok sdk and had no problems running the demos. I was even able to replicate some of them. I am really just trying to build a bare-bones implementation without the excesses of the demo.

My problems began when trying to include havok animation. I keep getting this error

hkgWindow->initialize always throws exception


I recently installed the havok SDK and tried running the demos. I could run most of them as far as they included no visualization. 

bool initOk = window->initialize( windowFlags,
		HKG_WINDOW_BUF_COLOR | HKG_WINDOW_BUF_DEPTH32, options.m_width, options.m_height,
		options.m_windowTitle, nativePlatformHandle);

Line 133 in the Demos_win32 and


bool initOk = window->initialize(windowFlags, HKG_WINDOW_BUF_COLOR | HKG_WINDOW_BUF_DEPTH32, 1280, 720, "Havok");

Line 33 in the visualize demo

Havok abonnieren