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Media metrics all 0 with Windows 8.1

Hi, We have a board with I7-4770R so it has 5200 GPU. Running Windows 8.1 64bit with driver and GPA 14.R2. The problem we got is as we run the System Analyzer, there’s no reading for EU Engine Usage or GPU overall Usage, I mean the green line always stay at the bottom 0%. But with other 4600 GPU processors we can get at least 20% for GPU Usage. I read the release note, it says the latest GPA can support 5200 GPU, can you confirm this for me again? Thanks. Regards, Xiaole

Crash when Capturing Frame


applications that are started through Intel GPA Monitor (2014 R2) seem to crash when capturing a frame when it has a draw call that writes to a unordered access view (UAV) of a structured buffer (DirectX 11). Draw calls that only read from these buffers seem to not crash. Tested by capturing a Frame from the exact same scene without the Pass that renders to the structured buffer.

Frame Analyzer error when opening file created with Samsung Galaxy tablet

I got an error when I opened a captured frame with Frame Analyzer.

The error is "Open returned an error: FILE_OPEN_FAILED" when Frame Analyzer shown its status as "Starting Player on Device". 

The frame is captured from android device samsung galaxy note GT-N8013 and android version is 4.1.2. Frame those captured from PC DX11 works well.

GPA Moniter "About" Information attached below and I attached the frame file also.

Does Intel GPA support Linux OS GPU workload analyzing?


I can't find any download links about intel GPA tool for Linux OS GPU workload analyzing?
Only for Android analyzing but install on Ubuntu. 

We'd like to develop video transcoder on Ubuntu by using Intel Media SDK Linux server, and run multiple transcoders simultaneously. So we'd like to know the limitation of GPU. Does Intel GPA support Linux OS GPU workload analyzing? 

Support AIT1 and AIT2 dds viewer on D3D9 frame analyzer?

Hi guys:

    When I captured one frame and analyze it in Frame Analyzer Tool, I can view DXT1/DXT5 and other dds format texture on Texture tab. But AIT1 and ATI2 format are displayed as binary data array. As AIT1 and AIT2 dds texture format are widely used in D3D9 games, will GPA support its viewer(display as normal texture view, such as DXT1) in the future?

     Thanks a lot!

New Knowledge Base Article on Intel GPA Platform Analyzer


Recently the Intel GPA product was updated to include a new version of the Intel GPA Platform Analyzer product.

Unfortunately, it was unclear to many customer how to switch from the old version of the tool to the new version. Therefore, we have written an article that describes the new product features in more detail specifically for users of the old version -- this article can be found here.

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