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Why does power use *go up* when unplugging power cord?

I'm using Intel GPA on a Surface Pro 2 to measure power usage on an application and I've spotted something that I can't explain. If I (using the same power profile) unplug the power cord when profiling the power usage *goes up*. How is this possible? I'd expect power to remain the same, or maybe go down (in case there's some HW limitation kicking in when not plugged in), but for the Processor Package power usage to go up when the power cord is unplugged is deeply mysterious.

Can anyone explain what's going on? What should I use for comparisons, plugged or unplugged?

Question about DDS BC5s format

I know that intel GPA support DDS BC5s format,  but I dont know if there are a tool for read this file, because the common programs not support this format.

someone know a plugin or tool for read and convert a DDS file with this format to a readable DDS (DXT1 - DXT5)?


(Note: I know that I can export textures from GPA to other formats, but I need to know if is possible to export directly to DDS with BC5s format and read this file)

media metrics all 0 on Windows 8.1 (ok w/ Windows 8)


I've recently installed your latest Intel GPA monitor tool 2013 R4 on my PC.

The platform is: Windows 8.1 Pro x64 - Pentium G3420 - iGPU GT1 (Haswell) - Driver version latest 3345 - No discrete card.

In the "About" menu of Intel GPA Monitor 2013 R4, it recognizes my Intel HD graphics and OS and says "Supports GPA Instrumentation"

But when I try to use the HUD with Media Performance metrics, like "MFX decode usage", or "VPP DXVA2" etc, none of them shows a value during HW accelerated video playback. Only the built-in FPS counter of HUD works.

App using stream out freezes when using GPA


I'm finding that when I run something through GPA Monitor, and I use a geometry shader with stream-out, the program I'm trying to analyze comes to a grinding halt and locks up.  It appears that it makes it through the SO draw calls, but shortly after when drawing normal geometry, it will freeze on one of the various draw calls (I've seen it stop on Draw and I think DrawIndexed).  It runs perfectly when not through Monitor, and I don't see any errors coming from D3D (using a debug device).

Cannot see HLSL code in GPA Frame Analyzer


thank you for providing GPA, it's a great useful piece of software.

I would like to inspect the HLSL code of my D3d11 applications in Windows 8.1 Desktop.

Unfortunately in GPA Frame Analyzer only the IL Assembly is available, if I select HLSL I get "HLSL Not Available".

I understood from the documentation that I should compile my shaders at run time, but it's what I'm already doing.

I tried tutorial 4 from

GPA crashes when number of draw calls is huge


I have written a test application that makes LOTS of draw calls and it crashes after some time only when I both GPA monitor automatic detection enabled and I am in release mode.

I may be totally wrong but it looks like a CPU/GPU sync issue involving some (ring-)buffer that is too small or GPA is running out of memory (?) The error is not very meaningful, it just says "Runtime Error! This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in a unusual way. Please contact the application's support team for more information".

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