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Suggestion: add more info to GPA Geometry tab


Is there a way in the geometry tab to see more information per-vertex than just a position. I would like to see all the vertex attributes set to the vertex declaration and the whole output of the VS for the VS stage. That's many times a hint what is going on there.
Usually (in PIX) I debug particular vertices that I select using index buffer. Is there any similar option in the GPA? It would be also great if I can select a vertex directly using a mouse click into the mesh preview window.Thank you!


How to protect my HLSL shader source code from capturing with GPA.


When anyone capture my application window with Intel GPA, it can see my shader source code in HLSL or Assembly.

But GPA can not retrieve HLSL source code of some other softwares such as today commercial games.

I want know how can i protect my HLSL shader source code from capturing with GPA, Its not important for me about assembly, just want hide/disable HLSL view.

One fun thing is that GPA show my HLSL source code with all comments! even if i described somethings for myself.

More info :

1.My application is using DirectX 9.0 + VS2010+ C++.

Frame Analyzer Crash


I've got a simple one DX11 Dispatch frame capture of something I've been working on which crashes the Frame Analyzer when I try to analyse it, I've attached it to this post.

If you can't reproduce the crash with the attached capture I can provide more details.



GPA on Windows 8 Store apps: how to trace capture and frame capture?

Following, I can run "Analyze Application..." and "System Analyzer" fine but "System Analyzer" does not allow me to save a trace capture file nor frame capture file (the buttons appear grayed out).  Is this a known limitation of working with Windows Store 8 apps, or is something wrong with my setup?

Improvement suggestions

Hi there,

I've been using Intel GPA for at least a year now. Am partially happy with it, thus is this topic with some suggestions.

1. GPA should be able to run two instances - it would be tremendously more easy to compare/diff stuff, for example tracking a bug

2. Shown state problems (my main problem actually)

2.1. Texture vs sampler ordering. Which texture is bound to which sampler? Very confusing!

2.2. Texture alpha, render target alpha, native depth. Even better a toggleable mask with the RGBA channels

DX11 deferred context


I have an application that can use deferred contexts but when deferred context are enabled I cannot capture GPU using GPA. 
my app crashes when calling :


is there something I can do in order to have deferred context working with GPU capture in GPA?


"Analyze Application" worked once for Win Store apps, doesn't work anymore...??


I downloaded and ran GPA's Analyze Application option and it works every time for the sample app.  On the first try, I was able to get it to work for Windows Store apps as well.  However, now when I run it on any Windows Store app, it always fails with: "Intel GPA Monitor failed to launch the application: Failed to launch Windows 8 Store application"  I didn't change my system at all in between the success and failures.  Tried restarting, etc. but no change.  What could be going on?  Is the Windows 8 Store monitoring known to be buggy?

Error launching Intel GPA Frame Analyzer

I'm not 100% sure this is the correct place to post a bug report, but the crash tool said to submit the bug report at and there was no obvious bug reporting link there, so I'm posting it here.

I wanted to try and use the GPA tools to try and improve the perfromance of an indie game I'm working on with my levovo laptop, but when I go to launch the Intel GPA Frame Analyzer tool, it crashes while opening the tool.

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