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GPA reports the texture sampler is busy 95%... What's next?



I am developing a DirectX based medical imaging application that uses volume rendering. We used to require discrete video cards, but now we are tweaking/re-engineering it to work on recent intel processors. (HD Graphics as well as ivy/sandy bridge).

System Analyzer does not show all GPU counters


I am running the GPA on an ultrabook running Win8. I am trying to utilize the system analyzer. The problem I am facing is that I can only see a few GPU related information (only GPUPower). When I was readying the documents, I saw we get as much counter information as we can get on Platform analyzer traces, but using system analyzer. 

This happens both running the system analyzer on the target machine, as well as running through network.

Installation error with Intel GPA 2012 R4


I am using the latest (2012 R4) GPA. I am trying to use system analyzer. I run the the GPA monitor on the target machine (Intel HD 300) and try to open system analyzer on my machine running Windows 7.

During installation of Intel GPA on my machine, I get the following error: "The installer failed to enable GPA autorun." But after this, I can launch Monitor, Platform and Frame analyzer. But everytime I try to open the system analyzer on my machine, it gives an error: "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b)."

Intel GPA System Analyzer displays invalid Target App CPU Load


I've heard that a few people are running into the following situation: Intel GPA System Analyzer reports what appears to be incorrect metrics values for "target application CPU load".

Intel GPA is getting the CPU metrics values from the OS, but for some unknown reason occassionally the internal counters that Microsoft Windows* maintains get corrupted.

To fix this, you can reset the CPU counters by running the following command as an administrator:  lodctr -R

Intel GPA software support on IVB E3 CPU

GPA software version is 2012 R4, the “Media Performance Analy” test on IVB base E3-1245v2 cpu still can’t be run. (Failure CPU: E3-1275V2 HD P4000 and E3-1245V2 HD P4000)

[How to reporduce]

1.        Execute Intel GPA than you can see GPA icon on the taskbar.

2.        GPA icon , If Mouse right click , appear menu and click MPA.

3.        Execute Media Performance, and go to like below.

Intel GPA online help temporily unavailable (NOW FIXED!)


We've identified an issue where the Intel GPA online help is not working -- you get a blank page trying to access any pages.

We are aware of the problem and are working to get this fixed ASAP.

thanks for your patience while we get this fixed.



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