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Upgrade Intel IPT with PKI, then CryptImportKey does not work

I recently upgrade IPT with PKI  from v3.1.0.182 to v4.0.5.25, then I can not use CryptImportKey  any more.

Because it returns 0x000000b7(maybe ERROR_ALREADY_EXISTS) after PIN setting PTD displayed.

Only container created.

I set dwFlags as CRYPT_USER_PROTECTED to use PKI with PTD.

I did not change any source codes, but only changed provider from Intel IPT Enhanced Cryptographic Provider to Intel IPT CSP - Non-Exportable Keys

What is wrong with it? or any misuse?

vPro - Cannot Provision Workstation

I am having issues provisioning a workstation with Windows 7 Pro x64 with vPro v9 via LabTech.  I have tried uninstalling and re-installing MEI as well as installing the needed driver updates to the computer but none of these made any difference.  I have attached the screen shot of the full error to this topic.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

How to completely deactivate Intel AMT

Dear all,

I am using a Lenovo ThinkPad T420 and Windows 7 prof. x64 as my main workstation. Yesterday I did a reinstallation of Windows 7 (ISO image from MSDNAA and not the Lenovo DVD). After the OS and all drivers (using Lenovo System Update) were installed, I had a look at the device manager and recognized the "Intel management engine interface". Since I don't need this function I researched how this device can be disabled. First I had a look in the System BIOS which stated that AMT is disabled:

Intel Secure Key Entropy Source


The following doc states the following in section 3.2.1.

"The ES runs asynchronously on a self-timed circuit and uses thermal noise within the silicon to output a random stream of bits at the rate of 3 GHz. "

Intel AMT: ACUWizard error when trying to configure system

I'm trying to setup ATM/KVM on a brand new PC build:

ASUS Q87M with i7-4785T (vPro enabled) with AMT enabled in BIOS (AMT v9.0). No PCI graphics card. I downloaded the latest IntelSCS today (v10.0).

At first ACUWizard allowed me to configure AMT and reported no errors, and subsequently running ACUWizard to view the systemstatus showed AMT as "configured".

Intel® AMT: Operating system lockup or power interrupt.

Recently I logged into the event viewer on the web based active management console and noticed that my server is stuck repeating: 

"Operating system lockup or power interrupt."

Right after:

Starting operating system boot process.
Add-in card    Starting ROM initialization.

The server is a TS-140 Xeon server running Windows 8.1 pro with 16GB of ECC, the OS is on a 500gb hd and there's an intel raid 0 array (this gave me an error since I created it after installing windows).

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