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Host API functions (GetSecurityParameters)


A few question regarding AMT Host API interface.

1. I am
having troubles calling to GetSecurityParameters function from Host API interface. This
function is still available in latest HECI drivers?


Version : CO96510J.86A.5773.2007.0206.0046

Flash :

: 2.1.0

AMTApps :


Sku : 0

: 8086

Number : 1028

Version : 2.1.0

AMT versions

Hello again,

For a long time now i have been familiar with the AMT 2.1 functionality, however in the last few posts i have seen references to many new versions and one of our customers recentsly asked me what the differance was between AMT 2.1 and 2.2. Is there a document available that specifies the diffrences between all these new versions? Its important for me to know this so that i can give the correct advice to customers planning to purchase AMT capable systems.

Sample SCA vs SCS

Hi all,

Sample SCA = Sample setup and configuration Application (provided in Inte AMT SDK)

SCS = Setup and Configuration Service

Does any one uses sample SCA in large environments, I studied how sample SCA works and about its configuration settings, I was going to use Sample SCA, then I heard of SCS, SCS looks more managed and may be easier to use in large environments.

Now I want to know whether its good to use SCA, the deployment environment has a few thousand nodes.

- Sohaib

SCS - Exception while provisioning AMT


I am working with the Intel SCS, I
have already been able to install the Windows Service and the

SCS is set to work without TLS and it is not integrated with Active Directory yet.

I have generated the PID/PPS keys
and already set this keys to my AMT machine which has been pre-provisioned (admins
password changed, SCS server IP Address and port set,

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