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AMT - connect outside the subnet


I am testing AMT for a while and everything works fine if two connecting machines are in same subnet. I can use both from Manageability Commander Tool and code (AMT SDK) to remotely manage machines. But when I change subnet with one machine I cannot make a connection (both methods). Those machines can ping each other, both firewalls are down. What can cause the issue?

My code to overview:

IDE Redirection to ISO image

Hello, I'm trying to make the IDE Redirection feature work with a ISO image, but I'm not having any success. Both SOL and IDER are enabled, I can select the ISO from the Commander Tool and Reboot to CDROM Redirection, but nothing happens. I've also tested the redirection with my physical CDROM and it doesn't work as well.

My AMT version is 8.0.4 and I'm using a i5-2500 CPU. KVM works and remote commands such as poweroff, reboot, also work.

What am I missing here?

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: if it helps, my chipset is the Q77.

Cannot download AMT SDK


I've been trying to download the AMT SDK for a couple of days. I've tried before the weekend and today, from OS X, Windows and Linux and from machines in both Europe and the US; nothing worked. The download typically appears to stall for a minute or two, and then results in an empty file. Occassionally, I get a ~2.5MB file, which is incomplete.

The link I used: Download the latest Intel® AMT Software Development Kit (SDK)


- Dan

KVM and AMT 8.0

Hello, I'm developing a KVM application for use with Intel AMT 8.0. I've downloaded the latest version of the SDK, and also the latest version of the Open MDTK along with the VNC Viewer Plus from Real VNC for testing purposes.

I can successfully establish a connection with the remote machine by using the Commander tool and the VNC Viewer Plus application, but the KVM example from the SDK (written in C#) fails with a "connection refused" message.

I've tested the SDK sample application with a machine running AMT 7 and it worked without problems.

Intel Manageability Engine Firmware Recovery Agent

I am not sure if this is the correct forum to ask this question or not so if it isn't please direct me to the right place. I have a new Toshiba Laptop with Windows 7. The laptop has an intel processor with an i7 core. Yesterday, I received notice that software with the name in this title was attempting to install itself. I did not allow it as I was not sure what this software does and if this is a legitimate Intel software package. I cannot find this software on the Intel website. My questions are: 1. Is this a real Intel Software package?2. What does it do?3.

vPro beginner question - Issue to use IDER boot to ISO

My company is starting the implementation of vPro and so I'm taking a look at the c# API. So far I have managed to figure out most things but I have a problem to get the vPro client to boot to an ISO. My IDER code looks like this:


ACUConfig 7 fixed log error

All ACUConfigversions can`t normally display errors if use on non-english Windows, it output "%1", "%2", "%3" etc in error log. To fix this problem have to do: File \\\\IntelAMTSCS\\Source_Kit\\Source_Code\\ConfigurationCode\\Configuration_Sources\\Messages\\Src\\MessageTable.cpp, look at strings 88, 94-95, 124-125
We use SDK it is lastest with sources:

KVM not working with TLS

Hey everyone,

Im hoping you can help with another issue Im having.

I am provisioning systems with SCS 8.1. When I provision a
system without TLS and can control the GUI of the client however when I
provision a system with TLS I cannot. I can power on and off the workstation. I
can also get to the web GUI however I cannot control the GUI.

Any ideas on how I can troubleshoot?

I have included screen shots and have tried to contol the systems with multiple products:

AMT research question: modifying AMT firmware

Hi all,

As a researcher in low-level security Intel AMT has drawn my attention and I would like to implement my own application and/or security kernel at the AMT level. The Intel website however only mentions a SDK for building applications that use existing AMT features. Is there an AMT emulator that Intel provides or can I buy a research system somewhere? Is there perhaps another option that would allow me to run sensible benchmarks?

KU Leuven

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