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testing platform

I am an instructor and am teaching a new class.  I am looking for a testing tool where I can test applications that are submitted to me by students.  These applications are in the form of Android (.apk) files, Apple iOS (.ipa) files, Windows Phone (.cab) files, or HTML5/CSS3, JS/JQ, Php files.  Is there a tool (preferably free) that I can install on my Windows PC that can be used to test any/all of these types of applications?  Please advise .... 


L. Crawford

Transfer Data from Intel Gelileo Gen 2 to my android app using bluetooth

I am using bluetooth HC-05 with Intel Galileo Gen 2 and i was successful in detecting and pairing it with my android phone. I also wrote a program to send data from my android phone to the Galileo Board and read it successfully.


Now i want to write a program to send data via bluetooth from the Galileo board to my android phone. I have no clue how to do that. Please help me.

bluetooth electric transmitter

Hello, i'm having an idea according to the subject above which i think if developed working together with a team of staff will brign development and create more income. i look forward to this development but please the creation of this device should include me. thanks alot as i wait in anticipation.




Application won't install (it used to)

Hi, I published an app to the Google Play store using Construct 2 and Intel XDK. I recently wanted to update the app and when trying to test on my device, it won't let me install the latest build (Crosswalk for Android). I tried clearing my cache, uninstalling the game, a previous build, another device and then finally tried a completely different apk. Any idea what might be wrong? I am using AdMob which was part of the problem I had before, but I even tried completely deleting AdMob from my game and I still can't install it.

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