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Intel SoC GPIO Controller Driver

Hi All,

I am using Intel E3800 series Bay Trail processor to access GPIO. I install "Intel SoC GPIO Controller Driver" on Windows 7 (32bit) platform. The installation is successful. But U did not see any change in the device manager. Is this normal ? How can I get use of this driver to Control My GPIO pin?



Does my processor support "hardware virtualization"?

I have Microsoft's visual studio for producing mobile phone applications, but when I tried to run it, it told me it had requirements.  One of the things I need is to have a processor that supports "Hardware Virtualization".  I was told that older processors do not support this.

My laptop is fairly old, and I looked up the processor in it.

It is:


How do I find out, using this website, whether it has this feature?



Mobile App Development Practice with Traditional Methods

Talking at a presentation to IT pioneers in China in the not so distant future, research VP at Deviant Solution said, "There are a few reasons these deliberations don't succeed for mobile applications, despite the fact that they've worked verifiably. Firstly, mobile applications are another class for most clients and besides, mobile applications are obliged by the way of the stage and the extent of the screen, so porting the work process of an adult desktop application is not suitable.

How to force Windows CE to use the display connected to the HDMI, without testing the HDMI connection

Hi everybody,

I got the account login information from my boss, so his name will appear not mine. I am new at this company. I also asked my question from Microsoft, and they suggested to turn to the Intel with my question.

Ethernet driver for win embedded compact 2013


I'm not quite sure in which forum to post my question, so I hope I'm not too far out of place here.
I am in the process of migrating one of our processor devices (industrial cpu) from Win ce 5.0 to win embedded compact 2013. We are using an ETX board with Atom processor and an Intel 82559 ethernet chip. I tried to use E100CE for win ce 6.0, but alas, ce 6.0 ethernet drivers are no longer accepted by win embedded 2013. Is there any chance to get a driver for 8255x for win embedded compact 2013?

Thanks in advance for any advice

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