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Ethernet driver for win embedded compact 2013


I'm not quite sure in which forum to post my question, so I hope I'm not too far out of place here.
I am in the process of migrating one of our processor devices (industrial cpu) from Win ce 5.0 to win embedded compact 2013. We are using an ETX board with Atom processor and an Intel 82559 ethernet chip. I tried to use E100CE for win ce 6.0, but alas, ce 6.0 ethernet drivers are no longer accepted by win embedded 2013. Is there any chance to get a driver for 8255x for win embedded compact 2013?

Thanks in advance for any advice

Cocos2Dx programmers needed to finish a game demo

Hey guys, we are on the lookout for coders for a mobile demo; a very simple but fun side shooter. The role offered has no compensation (that is the condition for all of the team members working on it), but you will get employment after if - we work successfully together finishing the demo and the game get's financed or already makes money on iTunes. The project is estimated to be lean and needs to be completed within 2 months. It has been already running for 4 weeks you will work together with our lead programmer.

Imaging Signal Processor 2300


I am a C# software developer.  I have an Acer Iciona tablet with the Intel Imaging Signal Processor 2300 and towe camera sensors  OV2720 and OV8830. How I can get the video stream form this camera with .Net 3.5 (alternatively .NET 4.0, alternatively .NET 4.5)? I have tried with many code variations (and they works with other singnal processors) , also with DirectX, but in vain.  I hope you all help me in this case.


WP8 Application Development

CookiDesign is an application development company which provides solutions for Windows Phone 8. Our professional team of developers and engineers have extensive experience working with Windows as well as other development tools and are able to make any idea come to life.

As this is a new company, a website will be available soon.

Please send all enquiries to:

How to market an Mobile app

As every newbie and expert developer is trying to create an app, marketing your app has become a key factor in making monetary gains. Some key ways to market an app which I can suggest include,

1) Social media marketing

2) Paid ads using PPC like adwords

3) Featured apps

4) Asking bloggers to review your app.

Share your ideas on how to market an app.

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