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pxa271 interrupt

I regret a newbie question, but I've combed the available doc ... I have an app for the pxa271 (intelmote2 platform) that's not working quite right. I suspect that the issue is wrt interrupt handling. My question is, when an interrupt occurs, how does the processor know what code to execute? Is this at a fixed location? Or is it stored in a register somewhere?

Thanks ...

Beginning Mobile Software Development

Mobile software development is next big thing. More and more applications are moving from desktop to browser, and now to mobile phones.

Last month I was in Mountain View, and my room mate happened to be a Mobile software developer. Almost every Google mobile product you have used has his big contribution. I had very good conversations with him about Mobile software development, opportunities and challenges.

Laptop Intel My Wifi doesn't see my card.

Hello.I have got Acer 6930G with Intel AGN 5100 wifi card.I have already installed your driver for AGN 5100 and software Intel My Wifi.My internet is working very well, but Intel My Wifi doesn't recognize my card, I've got a: "Not found a wireless card supported by Intel" (I have Polish version of this statement so in English version it could be a little different, but from translation that is the same).I really need your software, because my laptop is scanning for changes about wireless connection and this is making a trouble with ping.

do we have adnroid foryo support for multicore?

I know android is built on linux kernel and all linux kernel versions after2.6 has smp support.

My qn is:
1) DOes android took the smp support from the linux kernel?
2) Do we need to set some configure option or we have to add some code to make it compatible with multicore?

Thank you in advance...

Why i cant have new verision of Intel driver?

Hi i am not very well with English,so i will be quick...I would like to update my driver to newer one...and when i try to instal your15.17.12.2226 Intel mobile graphic driver for Intel HD graphic( i3 350M) it shows me this messege :
"The driver being installed is not validated for this computer.Please obtain the appropriate driver from computermanufacturer.

6300ESB watchdog header (iwdtlib.h)


I'm trying to write some code to utilize the 6300ESB watchdog driver (iwdtlib.sys & iwdtlib.dll) under Windows. The API doc mentions the header file iwdt.h and there is another mentioned in a separate doc with the name iwdtlib.h

I cannot find either header file. Can you please direct me to where I might locate them?

brent bartson

CoolApps: The GIS future is here

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