Mobile Software Development

App Game Kit makes is sooo easy!

If you want to make games for mobile devices then please check out our tool called App Game Kit. There are two ways to use it, a built in BASIC or C++ libraries. Any game you make in AGK will work on all the platforms we support, currently: Windows, MeeGo, Android, MacOS, iOS, Bada, Playbook.

You can find out more here;

We will be supporting Ultrabook features and more Intel based technology soon in AGK.


Mobile computing, a generic term describing one's ability to use technology in mobile environments Mobile device, a computer designed for mobile computing.

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Getting Started In Mobile Software Dvelopment

In order to get started in Mobile Software Development, the first things you will need to do are:

1. Pick a platform/OS you want to start off with one, then progress to others (you do not have to develop for the phone you yourself have, but it may help in the long wrong)

2. Acquire the tools to develop for your chosen platform most tools are free, however, some are not.

pxa271 interrupt

I regret a newbie question, but I've combed the available doc ... I have an app for the pxa271 (intelmote2 platform) that's not working quite right. I suspect that the issue is wrt interrupt handling. My question is, when an interrupt occurs, how does the processor know what code to execute? Is this at a fixed location? Or is it stored in a register somewhere?

Thanks ...

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