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Possible XED Bug


I am using the XED2 decoder in the Pin 2.21.53271 release to unit test a disassembler I'm writing, and I may have found a bug when generating textual output for a relative call.

Decoding the following bytes using XED and generating Intel or AT&T syntax generates the following:

Data: 40E8006F5D75 (XED_MACHINE_MODE_LONG_64, Instruction Address 0x00)
Intel: call 0x755d6f00
AT&T:  callq  0x755d6f00

XED2 vs Objdump : which one is better ?


meanwhile I'm working with both XED2 and Objdump, i was wondering what's the difference between them in terms of dissassembly capability and precision? I know that Objdump is  a 1-to-1 disassembler, but i seems that XED2 also belongs to that category? so again, what makes XED2 more robust than Objdump? I still don't get this point. If anyone has some knowledge to share, then I would please if you could include references to some materials that I can look at. 



Error while compiling xed2 sources

Hi,i'm trying to compile xed.cpp(mainly) or any other source file, and always getting unresolvable externals problems LNK2019. i use VisualStudio 2008 and launch cl.exe with the /I (include option) to include the headers, and /link (linking option) to link it with lib\\libxed.lib. Still in trouble, with 14 symbols left(before linking were 29). Before to change the code(which may lead to other problems), I was wondering if anyone already seen'em, if so, how to solve them.(as you may have noticed i'm relatively new to VS compiler).  Anyone has any idea?

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