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Intel(R) Software development emulator 4.46 released

Hello, we just released version 4.46 of the Intel Software Development Emulator.It is available here: notes are here.Major changes include linux3.x support and better support for running on AVX-enabled hosts.It supports the Haswell New Instructions described in revision 11 of the AVX programmers manual:

Availability on Linux 3

The emulator refuses to run on Linux 3.0 or 3.1, claiming that "E:3.1 is not a supported linux release". Since it works just fine on 2.6.39, I see no reason that it shouldn't work just fine on 3.*. Since you read /proc/version instead of using uname(2), there's no way for me to work around this problem except rebooting with an older kernel.Linus has unkind things to say about doing version checks like this (whether using /proc/version or uname(2)), and I agree.Could you please remove this check in the next version?

Function symbols in the histogram

I noticed that when I do a histogram on a Java application, the execution in the Java application threads can be a mixture of JITted code and the underlying JVM code. For the JITted code, the histogram tool doesn't know how to map an address to a symbolic function name. However, the JVM itself can output the limits for the JITted methods in a number of ways. Would it be possible to have a "symbol lookup plugin" that the histogram tool would call to get a map an address to a function name when it's unable to get the name from a static image?

Programatically Starting the MIx

Is there a way to not start collecting the ignore the mix histogram until a certain point, say by making a call or executing a certain instruciton from the Program? This would be useful for example in a program which may only be interested in the histogram when it knows a steady state has been reached.

xed bug and crash on 66 e8 0000

I'm using#XED version: [$Id: xed-version.c 2589 2010-12-14 04:20:23Z mjcharne $]I was disassembling my opcode tester ( and it gave a wrong display result on 66 e8 00 00, mentioning it would call a dword instead of a i turned on verbosity to see what happens (-v 5), then Xed crashed on that specific opcode.I was impressed to see that XED supports so many undocumented opcodes ;)good stuff.sincerely,Ange

Optimizing SDE

I came across 'SDE' while trying to resolve a recent issue - we had executables from a third-party which were compiled
specifically for the Nehalem processor, while we still need to be able to run on
(slightly) older processors (Xeon 5420). The specific machine code that was causing
an issue was 'popcnt'.

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