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Only Grouped Mean (with skipping covariance matrix) in SS in Intel MKL?


I've successfully used SS capabilities of Intel MKL to compute the grouped/pooled covariance/correlation matrices. Now I face the the situation when only grouped means are required. There is an option for estimates "VSL_SS_GROUP_COV", which would do the job of computing both Grouped Means and Grouped Cov. Matrices. I couldn't find a way for skipping the computation of Cov. matrix (i.e. there is no option "VSL_SS_GROUP_MEAN"). Is there a solution to this problem?

Thank you very much.

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Intel Summary Statistics Library 1.0 Update is available for downloading

Intel Summary Statistics Library 1.0 Update is available for downloading. It includes several benefits and features:

Algorithm for parameterization of correlation matrix. The algorithm transforms the input which lacks property of positive semidefiniteness into the output meeting properties of correlation matrix. The algorithm is based on spectral decomposition method and can be used in financial computations.

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