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Tracking of Laptops with Intel API(WIFI / IP / GPS)

I would like to know how we can track laptops using intel API? can i use this API in my C# language? if so please give me a direct link for this API. is it free of cost or do we need to pay for this?

i would like to start a web application to track laptops using Intel API. please let me know the required stuff to do this. greatly appriciated if any one has sent me a good manula on the same. thanks in advance

Balu D.

An Issue to be aware of with Firefox 3.6.x and recent 4.x betas

Yesterday a customer reported some interesting problems while testing their code with our Intel Web APIs on FireFox 3.6.6.

They were using our code correctly, however when running on FF v 3.6.6, FF kept indicating that plugins were missing, which in turn led our code to believe the plugins were not being instantiated in the page.

Intel CPU Web API

Hi,I am trying to use the CPU Web API and though I have installed theIntel Web API Connector I don't see the script detecting my CPU. I am using the same example script given below:=====================================================================

This HTML & JavaScript shows you how to embed the Intel CPU Web API into your app.

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