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OpenCV : Virtual keyboard using computer vision

Hello Everyone!
I am working on computer vision based virtual keyboard. The way I am proceeding is first to localise "keys" in the scene and then identify them. Then work upon the fingertip detection and keystroke detection subsequently. I would like to know if my approach is fine or not or if anyone could suggest an alternate approachAlso suggesstions about algorithms for different modules would be highly appreciated.


Is there any related forum for Video Acceleration (VA) API ? I would really appreciate if somebody could point out the forum location and the necessary documentation for understanding API of VA.



Getting Started with Intel Location Technology.

I am working on a project where i need to dispplay enteries in fingerprint and/or beacon database on a map. I am using WiFi mapping tool. I have following questions as i am new to location/mobile technologies:

1. Where can i get map file for area around my university, can you suggest a tool or a sample map file.

2.Does fingerprint/beacon databse is installed on my system with installemnt or i need to create them.If i need to create then can you provide me with some sample database.

Please reply as soon as possible, and also if you have any questions let me know.

Parallelism Exploration Compiler: What exactly does compiler perform?

I am curious what exactly does compiler perform further than translating keywords to calls to run-time library? What intelligence and heuristics it has? Your STM compiler does a lot of work analyzing function bodies, generating function wrappers and so on. But what does Parallelism Exploration Compiler perform?

The example I see in documentation:

Is Location Technologies Software Development Kit 1.0 (LTSDK) for Personal use only

It seems that the SDK is for personal usage where you can install the SDK on a laptop and provision map, APs, fingerprints, and then get current location via API. It is not for enterprise to tracking assets.

I am not see API where I can query location of a given objects, which can be identified by, say a MAC address of mobile device or tag. Please provide me samples if there is one.

Could you provide me some comparison of your locaiton engine and SDK to Cisco's location appliance, in term of network infrastructure setting, functionalities, etc.

Thanks and Regards,

Decimal Floating-Point Math Library newbie question

Hi all:

I'm trying use/understand the Decimal Floating-Point Library. After

compiling with success the libraries, the tests and the examples, as a

first attempt I try a light addition to the example in the file


First, adding a new set of variables:

Decimal128 a, b, c;

After the sentence:

printf ("TEST CASE 1 FOR __bid128_mul 011 () PASSED

I initiate the new variables (as in the example) and try an addition:

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