Intel® Array Building Blocks (Archived)

Intel Plans for Arbb

Can anyone tell me what, if anything, is Intel's plan with respect to Array Building Blocks. I saw on a sticky post that the project was moved from "Beta" to "Whatif". I also see that some of the key people involved in it have moved on to other companies. Based on these two points, I guess the project must be a dead end. Am I correct in my assessment that it is essentially a dead-end ?

Serial # for install

I downloaded the current Linux version of ArbBB using the non-commercial download. But when I go to install it is asking me for a serial number. I didn't see a serial number anywhere in the install package and one wasn't provided in email or when I downloaded. How can I install the package ?

What are you using ArBB for ?

A question for you users of ArBB. What kind of applications have you been using ArBB for?
If you have used ArBB successfully or not, do you have it documented somewhere? a blog or a publication?

I am interested in figuring out what the "killer app" (or domain) for ArBB is (or domain).

I am thankful for all input.

User types in dense containers


The tutorial ( mentions user_types, structs composed of arbb types. It seems to me that the arbb-vmapi only handles dense of basetypes. When using the C++ frontend (ArBB) to the vmapi are dense "compiled" into several dense containers of base types ? Essentially turning dense_of_struct into struct_of_dense. Is there a doc describing how this works?


value() from local variables


I'm trying to convert arbb scalar types into c++ types inside an arbb call(). But i don't know how to do this, calling value() throws the following exception during runtime:

terminate called after throwing an instance of 'arbb_2::exception'
what(): Extracting values from local variables is not allowed.

code snippet:

Why I can't see threads created by ArBB in the trace of IPS XE

Hello!I implemented a simple program (for benchmarking purposes) and decided to check existence of this threads using Intel Parallel Studio XE 2011 in Concurrency mode. I found out that the trace contains only one thread. Then I looked to Task Manager and saw that really I have the same number of threads as number of cores in my computer. What is the problem?Thanks,Valentina.

Two-dimensional dense averaging.

I have written function, its work is to add elements in each column and return container with average column's values. But it spends a little more time than non-optimized "linear" version.

Is there any way to optimize\\parallelize this function?

void Average (const dense &a, dense &res)
	_if (res.length()==a.num_cols())
		_for (usize i=0, i)a.col(i))/(i16)a.num_rows();
		} _end_for
	} _end_if
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