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Module mic not found in Fedora 20

I'm trying to install MPSS on Fedora 20 but I get this error when run the command " modprobe mic":

modprobe: FATAL: Module mic not found

In some forums, it is stated that this problem occurs because the present version of the kernel version is not compatible with MPSS version but I have tried different versions of MPSS including MPSS-3.3.5, MPSS-3.4.5 and MPSS-3.5.1 and none of them works. My linux version is 3.11.10-301.fc20.x86_64.

Does anybody has any idea?

Thank you

OpenMP 4 nested parallelism thread placement

I have a question to ask about some of the environment variables to get thread placement working properly on the phi with nested parallelism. I've looked around the Intel website and various other sources, and talked to some people at Intel, but I can't quite get it working properly.

Essentially, I want to run my code using only 3 threads per core (assuming 60 cores) because testing has shown that it gets the best performance. Without nested parallelism I could get 3 threads per core with these variables:

uOS Build


During OS programming for the PHI, the need exists to permanently install RPM's.

Is there a systematic solution for determining and generating changes required to the uOS on a per RPM basis?

Seems like the process would involve an initial analysis of the RPM for contents.

Then the appropriate modifications to the PHI filelist need implemented.

Any thoughts on additional requirements?



One option that I've overlooked is to use an NFS share as the root for the PHI.

Performance issues with Intel MPI (RMA Put/Get) on Xeon Phi

I'm getting bad performance with MPI_Put (and MPI_Get) in IMB-RMA All_put_all microbenchmark on this system configuration:

  • Single and multiple Xeon Phi coprocessors
  • Intel MPSS 3.5.1 (June 2015), Linux
  • Intel MPI Library
  • OFED-3.12-1 or OFED-3.18-rc3 (It doesn't really matter.)

Intel MPI runtime environment variables:

offload error: cannot release buffer memory on device 0 (error code 14)

I need your help. 

I tried to run K-means algorithm on Xeon Phi by using offload mode.

But when i tried to get into offload region with the clause '#pragma offload ~~ (as attached pic 1) ' ,

i got an erorr 'offload error: cannot release buffer memory on device 0 (error code 14)' .

I have no idea to solve this problem, and i even cannot find any previous example similar to my problem on google.

I saw offload report by using 'export OFFLOAD_REPORT=3', but i couldn't get any hints. 

plz help me !


TaeHyeok, Jang

How to protect code from triggering MIC build on non-MIC nodes

we have two clusters in-house, one with MIC cards and another without. When we build code with OpenMP 4.x pragmas or functions for devices, we get a compilation error on the cluster without MIC cards:

icc: warning #10362: Environment configuration problem encountered.
Please check for proper MPSS installation and environment setup.
testomp.c(1): catastrophic error: *MIC* cannot open source file "stdio.h"
   #include <stdio.h> 


micnativeloadex problem


I am trying to run a program natively using micnativeloadex but ran into a few problems.

a) I set: export SINK_LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/intel/composer_xe_2015.3.187/compiler/lib/mic/

b) I compiled with: "icpc -mmic -qopenmp -o test_native"

c) micnativeloadex test_native

It seems the SINK_LD_LIBRARY_PATH isn't been set. The result I get is:

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