Level Up 2011 Intel® Game Demo Challenge (Archived)

Is there a concept of Finalists in Levelup2011 ?

In previous years, there used to be a concept of "Finalists" - e.g. 10 (or was it 20?)best games within a genre (or a whole compo ?).

I`m justguessing that only thosewere actually submitted to judges - but don`t really know.

1. So, do the judges actually review every single one that has been submitted ?
2. Will there be some semi-finalists/finalists ?
3. Perhaps they`ll have a chance to upload a newer/better demo (if they have one) ?

Thanks !

Confirmation - Hexagon Defence 2


Yesterday I signed up for the contest with the game "Hexagon Defence 2". I could make a mistake while registering, so do not know if you have archive with the demo version. Also, I received no messages on email after registration.

* Hexagon Defence 2.7z (23.3Mb)

You got it?


P.S. Sorry for bad english:)

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