Level Up 2011 Intel® Game Demo Challenge (Archived)



I`ve made a couple of last-minute fixes and included a third level (along the previous 2 short tutorial levels) in new environment, so now the game feels and plays much better than the demo that I uploaded this morning (which contained less environments and just tutorial levels).

I`ve renamed the old Entry to "Delete Me", so it should be easy to handle that.

Mitch, could you please confirm that you see the second entry and that it contains 6 screenshots, 1 video and 1 demo (~215 MB) ?

Thanks a lot !

How can I delete an entry?

So I didn't realize I could edit entries until I came to the forums and found the link at the top to do so (was seeing my entry via clicking my username in the top right before), so I made a second entry. I changed all the info for that one to say delete, so if you could either do it, or tell me how, I'd appreciate it. Thanks and sorry about that. =)


Sorry im really excited about this compation, sorry for the spelling errors. Can you give us a rough guest of when you think you will know when theres a winner. No rush. :)

Buggy description site - Judges Choice Skills / Craft Categories


I tried uploading my entry. After realising that the text format doesn't work and embedded objects doesn't work either there is another problem:

When I go to "Edit entry" there is only one Judges Choice Skills / Craft Category checked: Character Design. However, I also wish to choose Art Design and Best 3D Graphics. I tried many times with different browser, but it didn't work.

Could someone please help me or has a solution for this problem?

Best regards

Installation instructions - where to put them ?

I`ve had multiple instances of ClickOnce installers (that install XNA a .NET runtimes) to fail (even on my dev machine !).

If the user has prerequisites (.NET 4.0 and XNA 4.0 runtimes), the game works fine without installing - just unzip it.

However, the game obviously just crashes if user doesn`t have those runtimes (that`s an OS thing - not my game).

Where should I put the installation instructions (on which files to run before running the game) ? Is readme.txt enough ? Will they read it, if the game crashes due to them not having the necessary runtimes ?


Hi there!

The rules are saying: "The participants will receive a confirmation email after each submission."
I've uploaded my demo a few days ago but never received an email.
So, was the upload correct?

Greetings from germany,

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