Level Up 2011 Intel® Game Demo Challenge (Archived)

iOS and Android Game

In the rules is a part: Playable game demos of fully completed game titles are allowed as long
as the title or demo has not been released for sale commercially at the
time of submission.

We have a Game we first make for iOS and Android. Now we are working at a Windows version.
Is it ok if we send in the not released Windows version or is it against the rules?


If I participated in previous contest...

First of all, A big thank you for those annual contests!

I have already participated in 2009 contest, with the same game I was planning to submit, which is Spin Tires.
Is it okay to resubmit? Please note that the game was under development since then (for 2 years!) and it is brought to a new quility level now, but the idea is still the same.

Thanks again,

Information about the HD 3000 graphics cards

Hello, is there an article somewhere with some more technical specifications about the Intel HD 3000 Graphics chipset? I would like to know technical specifications so I can compare the chipset to other videocards and to know what features are usable. For instance, which shader model is supported on the chipset? And more concretely: is XNA supported?

I am thinking about joining this contest and am trying to decide if it is feasible to create a game demo targetted at this specific chipset without actually owning a computer with this chipset.

Thanks in advance.

Intel tools and resources for improving your game demos!

Intel provides game developers with tools and resources to help them maximize the potential of their games. I would strongly encourage you to take advantage of these tools when creating your game demos. In particular there are 3 products that deserve specific attention:

Intel Visual Computing Source: This is your source for all things visual computing at Intel. It's currently in Beta and is the way in which you can make sure you have access to all the latest tools and content.

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