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Update: Getting Started Guide - Linux

Intel Manycore Testing Lab (MTL) - LinuxGetting Started GuideIntroductionWhat are the intended uses of the MTL?

The MTL is prioritized for supporting the Intel Academic Community for the testing, validation and scaling of parallel algorithms and workloads, primarily for courseware delivery, and secondly for research -- based on availability.

Remote control of desktop applications

The Manycore Testing Lab supportsRealVNC (, a way to interact with applications across a network.

Here are the steps that must be performed to run VNC successfully:

Log-in into theManycoreTesting Laband the first time execute: vncserver it should generate output:
New 'acano01:x (username)'desktop is acano01:x


Each time someone runs vncserver the display id (x), will increment, note it's value.

You canterminatethevncserver with: vncserver kill :x

Hyperthreading on the MTL

As you're probably aware the current implementation of the MTL supports 32 cores and 64 threads, this means that the MTL server is Hyperthreaded or Simultaneous Multithreaded (SMT) aware.

So the obvious question is; how does one specify, saywhen an application is executed, if thread(s) should bescheduledon physical or logical core(s)?

This is easily accomplished by using the Linux* taskset command, e.g.

$ taskset c 0-15

MTL + Distributed memory

Hi all,

I am wondering if the MTL supports any kind of distributed memory programming system (eg. MPI).

We are very interested in using the MTL in our parallel computing courses as a replacement of our university cluster, however our course in the next semester focuses on distributed memory. Does it make any sense to apply for access to the MTL for this course or should we only apply for shared memory courses?

Gcc 4.4.3 now part of Manycore Testing Lab to support OpenMP v3.0

Gcc v4.4.3 has been added to the Manycore testing lab to support OpenMP version 3.0 that now includes tasks.

The default installation of gcc on RHEL 5.4 included gcc v4.1.2, but this does not support the OpenMP 3.0 spec. gcc v4.4.3 (g++ & gfortran) suite has now been added to the Manycore testing lab.

To access the 4.4.3 gcc compiler, the user should modify the makefile to include:

PREFIX = /opt/gcc/${GCC_VERSION}/bin/
CC = ${PREFIX}gcc
CPP = ${PREFIX}g++
LD_LIBRARY_PATH = /opt/mpfr/lib:/opt/gmp/lib

Academic Community 32 Core Testing Plan Contest!

The Manycore Testing Lab is currently in beta test, and as such, access to it is limited to testers, VIPs, and Academic Council. However, in April 2010, contest winners will be granted access along with limited other members from the Intel Academic Community. (We expect to open the Lab to full capacity by June, 2, 2010.)

Welcome to the Forum for the new Intel Manycore Testing Lab!

Welcome to the Forum for the new Intel Manycore Testing Lab!

The Lab is a unique development environment designed specifically to allow professors who are members of the Intel Academic Community to test, validate, and scale their classroom demos and code on many-core platforms using state-of-the-art hardware and cutting edge software tools provided by Intel.

You can request access to the Manycore Testing lab now by going to this web site, here.

When requesting access please provide:

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