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I need information about Intel Xeon microprocessor

Hello , in few days ago I wrote a thread that I need a report about Intel Xeon microprocessor , I got a little answer that are good but they are not enough for me .. My professor wants a detailed information about intel xeon , it not necassry for him , because its not us subject , but its very necessary for me to make a good memory about me to my professor , the report (or information) must considered with the following :
-General background
-Microprocessor architecture
-A front side bus(FSB)
-An instruction set , or instruction set architecture (ISA)

Universal open-source automation starts to raise academic interest


I would like to deeper understand Intel's take on academic world. I personally see common interests in future mobile and even more to the embedded development including multi-core and parallel programming, because of the opened possibilities that our R&D happened to discover.

We discovered very practical way to make universal open-source software development automation and are about to polish it into mainstream practical way to develop software applications and their back-end systems.

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