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Increasing SpeedUp, reducing overheads, Intel Fortran, OpenMP

Hi guys, thank
you very much to all who is running and contributing to this forum.

I would be
glad if anyone can provide me non-general
advice how to increase speed up or reduce overheads
of for software which
Im trying to parallelize.

For my
dissertation thesis Im developing software to predict dam inflow. Because
calibration it is time demanding I would like to reduce that, by distribution
to more cores. For this purpose Ive chose Intel
Fortran and OpenMP

Microgrant for Data Structures Winners!

Congratulations to the recipients of Data Structure Microgrants!

Dr. Dale Parson, Kutztown University of PA, for Multithreaded Data Structures for Minimal Locking Exploration of Search Spaces

Dr. Leo Ferres, Universidad de Concepcion, Chile for A Structure A Month Keeps Parallelism Alive

Dr. Kishore Kothapalli, International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad, India, for Data Structures

Dr. Dinesh Kulkarni, Walchand College of Engineering, Sangli, India, Thread safe data structure

About the Current Microgrant Topic: Data Structures

Hello fellow Academic Community members,

So what exactly is Septembers Microgrant topic Data Structures about? Asked another way, to apply for a Microgrant of up to $5000 USD do you have to be teaching an actual class called data structures?

Well, Im glad you asked!!! And the short answer is, absolutely NOT.

Linking mixed FORTRAN and C++ in the Visual studio 2008 environment

I am calling a C++ function from FORTAN using ISO_C_Binding
module. I can compile and link the Fortran and C++ files using MINGW g++
and gfortran command line option using the command sequence

gfortran -c main.f90

g++ -c print_hi.cpp

for compiling and for linking I can use the gfortran option and including the C++ standard libraries as

gfortran main.o print_hi.o -o main -lstdc++

Can't access courseware?

I have previously been able to download couseware from the Academic community pages but this seems not to work anymore. I only get the notice:

"This feature is currently available only to Intel Academic Community members.
Find out how to join Intel Academic community"

Anyone have a solution to this?


Mats Brorsson

Data type for Intel fortran sompiler on High performance Computing sever


I am new torun fortran 90 programs onhigh perfmroance computing (HPC)machine. The compiler on the sever is Intel.Does anybody knowhow to definequad precision arrays and how to initializequad precision variablesinthis case? I saw some example about quad precision on Mac but no exampleon HPC. Are theythe same? Thanks a lot,


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