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Accelerate Your Code 2012: contestants map

It would be cool to create map of contestants and even get in touch with collegues. So we can submit some of our basic info like country, faculty, field of interest?For meCroatiaUniversity of Zagreb, Department of MathematicsField of interest: Parallel algorithms, MPI/openMP, virtual reality, assistive technology

Correct memory management

When we ensured that memory was correctly freed in our program we degraded our performances.I realize it is necessary for a program to free memory, but will Intel check that programs do that correctly?My concern is that I would not appreciate my code to be beaten by a program that does not free memory.

intel inspector xe

Hello!I try to use theintel inspector xe on ubuntu 10.10 and ubuntu 12.04 but it don't works.i have this error code when i try an analysis:Used suppression file(s): []
Error: Cannot find knob stack-deph. Use -knob-list to see available knobs.Do you have any problem to use it with theses OS?

Error during compilation

I'm probably missing something, as i can't get the code to compile if i submit a *.zip file. In my code i need an up do date version of g++ or icpc to support SSE, and maybe that is the problem. I am using something like :$(ICC_PATH)icpc -msse4.2 -O3 code.cpp -o runI have tried both the default makefile and my makefile. Adding "source /opt/intel/bin/ intel64" also doesn't help...PS : Code compiles well with icpc and g++ local on my machineThank you in advance

Adjust Your makefile [tips:openMP]

I didn't find any guidelines to state how to add the openMP libraries to your makefile, so here it is:
Add the openMP libraries to theLDLIBS in your makefile as follows: LDLIBS = -fopenmpAlso,don't forget to put your TeamID in the variable called "TEAM_ID" in your makefile.And also remember to put the makefile at the root in your zip file, with two folders, src folder [containing your source.cpp file], and obj folder.

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