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App ID Error for Mobile Windows 8.1 Preview + Legacy (v2548)

Hello, I'm getting build errors for invalid app id when building using either the new win 8.1 phone preview or the legacy windows phone build. I've attached a screenshot of the legacy error.

The problem seems to be coming from the number prefix on the app id. App id in the image is fake, but it was giving the same error for my real id which has the 5 numbers as a prefix. I copied this id directly from my windows developer dashboard so I'm pretty sure the value is right.

Troubles migrating from Visual Studio 6.0 (Visual Fortran 6.6.0) to Visual Studio 2013 (Parallel Studio XE 2015)

Hello everyone,

I’m developing an upgrade from Visual Fortran 6.0 to Visual Studio 2013. It is a dynamic library based on Fortran and C++  . The migration of the project is automatically made by VS2013, so, I only change the code to adapt it to new C++  standard and add "$(IFORT_COMPILER15)\compiler\lib\ia32" to Library WinRT Directories of Microsoft.Cpp.Win32.user.

First I build the C++  project obtaining a static library, after that, I compile the Fortran project with the static library to obtain the dynamic library. This step works and I obtain the dynamic library.

Got error message upon submitting quiz ?

I am using WordPress Quiz Master Next Plugin set up and it gives a certificate. When any user finishes the quiz it gives an error message is as below:

This is an error message

Warning:file_put_contents(wp-content/plugins/quiz-master-next/includes/certificates/mlw_qmn_quiz2015033009251099.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/palmerho/public_html/wp-content/plugins/quiz-master-next/includes/mlw_quiz.php on line 1066

Difference between overloading and overriding in JAVA Programming ?

While working with java programming, I am wondering whether method overloading can be done within two classes in which inheritance is implemented. These type of java questions and answers are highly searched for interview purpose, hope into get a solution of this query with an example.

Calculating distance between two points, using latitude longitude?

I am trying to calculate distance between two points using java code, I have written a code but it is not working. I have checked various forums to get the resolution to my query. I have found  java questions and answers specifically posted on this forum and hope I'll get a solution from the member of this community.

Here is code


Error reading llc_misses event in Xeon D-1540

Hello everyone, 

I am working in a tool that permits to access the different hardware events through performance counters (PMC). This tools works great I have tested in several Intel processors, SandyBridge, Haswell and Haswel-EP. Now I am working with a Broadwell processor that has some new cache monitoring features I need to work with. 

Trying my tool in this processor I found that the events, described in 64-ia-32-architectures-software-developer-manual-325462.pdf Table 19.1, LLC Reference (2EH, Umask 4FH) and LLC Misses (2EH, Umask 41H) report the same number. 

Image gallery fatal error problem solution


      When added to the image gallery, you need to make changes in the CSS file so that you get the fatal error warning. galleria / galleria.classic.css .galleri-stage section height: 100% width: 100% or just add a constant value. But when you add each image gallery into index.html file that CSS style code or reset solved the problem if you write another CSS file.

Cordova Media Plugin - Audio stops playing after a second


I'm building an HTML5 iOS application using the Intel XDK. I'm using the Cordova Media plugin to play .wav audio files. For some reason, the audio will only play for about a second before quickly fading out. I can't figure out why this is happening. 

I have two buttons, one that toggles recording audio and another to toggle playing the recorded audio. Here are the relevant javascript functions. 

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