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Problem accessing BIOS Menu to enable VT support

Hello All

I have an intel HAswell ultrabook developer version and i have been for the last two days to access the BIOS menu without any kind of success.

From several searches it seems that apparently the  ultrabook only allows access from a powered off state, but when it boots up showng the options of Enter, F2, F7 and Pause ( I have even tried DEL) , it doesn't matter any of the keys that I press that the Ultrabook boots up normally to the winodws 8 logon prompt


Any idea on how to access it?


Intel hd 3000 driver is install but picture not fine.

Respect, sorry about the bad language because I am from Bosnia and Herzegovina and get my laptop from Germany Acer Aspire V5 i3 2 generation and was not istalirana graphics I download the software with odrinalne intel website that is your website and I install flashed me 2 times the screen and get ondak ghosting and colors are faded.
Morel help I do not know much about solutions I read in a few places that do not reresh rate al.

Read number of LUTs


i have a Ultrabook from Sony Vaio. I have the problem, that no one (Intel or Sony) can say, how many LUTs in the ultrabook are.
So, Sony says, they can´t help und Intel says... i must ask this community.


Here my Mail-History.

Sony / German:
Da der Chipsatz speziell für dieses Modell angepasst wurde ist es aus lizenzrechtlichen Gründen nicht möglich Ihnen diese Information zukommen zu lassen.

Windows 8 Ultrabook for development


I am Spyro, Director and Programmer at BlackSheep Games studio, we develop games mainly for mobile platforms and we are a Premier Elite Partner with Intel (and we love it!). I have contacted Intel Support for my request and they pointed me out to the forum.

We are responsible for 'Angry Chicken: Egg Madness!', which has over 2,000,000 downloads and have used an Intel powered tablet in the past to include the x86 architecture.

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