VPP - Denoising is not working as expected

I run the VPP code in sample_vpp (sdk sample downloaded from https://software.intel.com/sites/default/files/MediaSamples_Windows_6.0.0.68.msi) by passing a noisy input nv12 for removing noise. The below is the command line I used:

sample_vpp.exe -sw 300 -sh 300 -scc nv12 -dw 300 -dh 300 -dcc nv12 -denoise 99 -i input.yuv -o denoised.yuv

The resultant output still has the noisy image and is exactly identical to the input image though no errors are reported in the console.

'check uninitialized variables' option not working

The variable LCCONT (char*1) is not defined but in debugging mode, notwithstanding the option 'check uninitialized variables' is active , no exception is raised when  following statement is executed in debug mode: 


 To make comparison no warning is issued by Intel compiler at compilation time.

Instead a very old version of a Lahey compiler issues the following nice message:
 Internal subprogram name(ANALYZE_ICARD)
   2005-W: "V9SYNCHK.FOR", line 577: LCCONT is used but never set.

simple_decode_vmem - GPU to CPU memory copy - ways to optimize

Hello All,

I profiled and found that copying memory from GPU to CPU is very expensive. I am looking for your inputs to alleviate this performance loss.

While the decoder using video memory gave a performance of 1653 FPS (here the output is not dealt after decoding), copying the decoder's output to system memory after decoding gave just 80FPS (in the simple_decode_vmem application). Such a fall it is, which leaves us with just 2 decodes per processor. I used MFX_GPUCOPY_ON but not to avail any performance benefits.

How Do I Contact Customer Support To Change the Administrator for My Intel Fortran Compiler Academic Floating License

I recently (Jan. 2016) renewed my research labs floating license for the Intel Windows Fortran compiler suite.  I don't have access to generate my license key file since I'm not listed as an "administrator" on the serial number (it does appear in my "downloads" page when I log into the registration center).   So in summary, I can download compilers that I can't use because I can't generate a valid license key to install with my flexlm license server.  

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