HD4400 clEnqueueCopyBufferRect issue?


we've detected suspicious behaviour of clEnqueueWriteBufferRect/clEnqueueCopyBufferRect functions which is demonstrated with simple test case attached. The test case depends on OpenCL API only. This work correctly on AMD Tahiti but not on Intel HD4400, HD4600.


The problem is in copying rectangle of interest with some specific parameters from whole image, which is kept in cl buffer.


The short description of test case:

1. create opencl buffer for whole image (not initialized)

GPU HD4600 opencl kernel problem

Hi, i am compiling offline spir kernel.

When i use it on HD4600 GPU i get the following when I invoke clBuildProgram

error: IGILTargetLowering::Call(): unhandled function call!

Call made to: _Z13get_global_idj()
0x7c53480: i64 = GlobalAddress<i64 (i32)* @_Z13get_global_idj> 0 [ORD=1]
error: midlevel compiler failed build.

The same kernel works fine on amd gpu and on intel cpu. Also works fine if the kernel is compiled as spir64

msbuild with visual studio and kernels

Hi i have a kernel that have several includes in it.

Is there automatic way for intel open cl sdk to build them automatically. I have not discovered any. I must add them manually in msbuild. Here is an example.

Nvidia cuda for example has inside GenDepTask that outputs dependencies from the compiler.

ioc.exe does not have anything similar, like cl /showIncludes or gcc -E options.


clBuildProgram crashes for Xeon Phi


I have installed a Xeon Phi on CentOS 6.6. When running my OpenCL application on Intel SDK it works for CPU but crashes when I select the Xeon Phi which shows as "Intel(R) Many Integrated Core Acceleration Card". libOpenCL points to "/opt/intel/opencl/lib64/" on my system. 

Please advise. 


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