Maximum memory for GEN is only 80 MB ?

Is the maximum size for OpenCL only 80 MB ?

First, CPU allocates the memory using aligned_malloc().
CPU then does some processing on the memory, then OpenCL kernel is executed on GEN GPU.
Before OpenCL execution on GEN, clCreateBuffer() is executed using CL_MEM_USE_HOST_PTR flag.
OpenCL kernel on GEN will do some stuff and write results on the memory, then CPU will postprocess the memory.

Precompiling binaries without Intel hardware


I have a project using OpenCL code.

As part of the packaging we embed the binaries for the OpenCL platforms we want to support.

Unfortunatelly without the Intel HD present on the machine we did not find a way to precompile cl files "offlines" (for instance with clcc or directly with OpenCL API calls) for the Intel HD Graphics target.

Is that kind of "cross-compilation" supported ? Otherwise the product won't be able to be entirely built on the same machine...

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Which SDK do I need to download ? (


Hi, Im running on Intel® Core™ i5-480M Processor , which has internal GPU:

Chip Type: intel(R) HD Graphics (Core i5)

Dac Type: Internal

Adapter String:  Intel(R) HD Graphics

Bios Information: Intel Video Bios


I want to start study & programming with opencl.

Which SDK can I install ? (if any ?)



How to link to OpenCL binary library created with clLinkProgram "-create-library"

Can someone please tell me how to link to the program library created in the following way:

lib = clLinkProgram(context, NULL, NULL, "-create-library ", 1, &prog, NULL, NULL, &err);

I can happily produce this object for our static OpenCL library functions at start up but there seems to be no way to link to it with our dynamically generated kernel program.

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