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Application keys

Intel AppUp® center supports applications submitted with product keys. With our current policy you need THIRTY-FIVE (35) product keys in order to validate your application and at least ONE (1) additional key so that the app remains published in the store. However, we suggest adding product keys to a level that creates a comfortable buffer to ensure you don’t run out of keys. You can submit up to 1,000 product keys. Your app will be automatically unpublished when its keys fall below ONE (1) key and will be republished once you upload more. 

Test Apps with Remote Device Access beta

The Intel AppUp developer program has launched a new tool called Remote Device Access beta, which allows developers the opportunity to test their applications on real devices remotely via the Web. Now developers don’t have to worry about not having a software developer platform to test their apps! With Remote Device Access, developers can take advantage of the powerful graphics, full-PC performance, and keyboard capabilities of new Ultrabook™ devices, and ensure that their apps work as expected on the latest devices. This tool is free to use for registered members.

i was a admin on here also a brown belt.

can one of the devs please send me a message lettting me know what happened as i was i was asked to email jeff never new his direct email to email him i cant get into my places like before can some one put some light onto it plz ty. as at the the time front press needed updating.

many regards triple_thunder

Multiplication Table or Times Table (Mathematics)

Intel Support Team,

I Mirza Hasham Baig, I had developed a mathematical methods or logic to derive the Multiplication table or Times table (Mathematics) of any random numbers very quickly or within minimal time.

My humble request you to use my logic for Multiplication table in processor and check the performance of the code or processing speed with the existing multiplication table algorithm you have in the processor.

Request you to please revert in case of any further clarifications




If it is removed where can I find it? How can I track my apps and downloads and financial transactions.

It is really amazing that Intel never think or feel that updates need to be communicated to all the members before taking the steps. It is always us who has to take the initiatives to find out what happened.

One day you login to your dashboard and find out that Intel Appup Tab is been removed..In the article link which is provided above, it is said that Intel Appup is closed from 1st November and all the financial details regarding all the apps listed in the store will be emailed to all..Where is the email? Where are the Apps? Why the Appup Store is Closed?

maximum resolution what a intel 82945G chipset can support

hi i am vishal tandon.i am planning to buy a new LED/LCD monitor for my computer which is having intel 82945G chipset.please recommend me what is the max. resolution this chipset can support.i am also attaching the intel report for reference.

Intel(R) Graphics Media Accelerator

Driver Report

Report Date:        11/02/2013
Report Time[hr:mm:ss]:    15:42:18
Driver Version:
Operating System:        Windows

Photoshop CC 3D feature not available with my current configuration

First off , sorry I think this topic is most probably in a wrong category but this one was the closest I could come to 

I have an intel core 2 duo , my graphics card is GMA950 and OpenGL version is 1.4

Also my VRAM is much less (around 250MB or something) whereas for running 3D feature in photoshop we need atleast OpenGL version 2.0

and VRAm of atleast 512 MB 

So , how do I increase opengl version and get more VRAM ??

the 3D menu is not available in menubar of photoshop cc 

The resolution of the POS under intel display card

Dear all,

Since i have installed a point of sale software in my windows 8 computer, i cannot see full screen of the POS.

As the software do not support changing the resolution, i would like to ask whether there is a method to change it full screen for my 1366x768 screen.

It is okay if the scale of the software change. I just want it to look bigger.

The display card of my computer is intel(R) Graphics Media Accelerator.

Thank you very much!!!

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