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Program does not run on Windows 7 64bit. Customer feedback.

I have the following message from a customer who downloaded a free version of my game "The Last Stand": "Program does not run on Windows 7 64bit Error 0x00000005 or however many 0's are in it. it's definitely 5 at the end." My questions: 1-Is 64 bit supported by AppUp? 2-If so is 64 bit tested for validation? I don't have a 64 bit machine to test on so I didn't even think about it.

Application start account question

Hi, I have a question about start account requirements. I have an application that consist of two parts console and service. Service is generally started under LocalSystem account. Now, Intel Atom Software Debugger, authrizes my console successfully, but doesn't show anything on service requests (service fails with 'Client Agent is not installed or is not running'). Is it only debugger issue, or I cannot use LocalSystem account for authorization requests ? Thanks

Multilanguage App: How to get system language setting?

Hi, what API calls can be used to read out the system language when you develop an App that should support different languages? Do I need an in-app selection for the language or can I use anything from the Windows API, registry or from the AppUp SDK to find out in which language the application should run? Best regards, Andreas

Project Properties

At least one of our beta testers encountered a message that the download file was NOT a valid MSI. This was somewhat surprising as we have uploaded at least a dozen products and even more MSIs. In reviewing the Project Properties in Visual Studio prior to updating the version on the assembly I noticed that the code project (as opposed to setup project) did NOT have Enable Application Framework, Enable XP Styles and Save My.Setting checked but did have ake Single Instance checked. This was exactly opposite of all of our other projects.

Old plug-in for Visual Studio not working

You may be experiencing issues with the Visual Studio Plug-in if you are on the previous generation. To remedy download and install the latest Visual Studio plug-in which also now supports Visual Studio 2010 You can download the new plug-in and the most recent SDK here

Adding game data to an MSI installer

Hey, It's my first time making an MSI installer; I have it all set up as instructed in the HOW TO thread, however, this will only package files that are generated by the solution. I need to also include two data folders full of game assets into the application directory. How does one go about doing this? Thanks.

Getting Started with Meego on Windows

Hi, I would like to work on Meego.I use a desktop computer with Windows 7.Can some one provide a sequential steps for getting started with Meego on Windows 7. I feel its essential to have a netbook for testing the apps.Do I need have a netbook at this moment to learn and develop the apps. Thanks for the help.

How to recover Lost Windows XP password?

Setting Windows XP password can help us prevent others logging into our PC without permission. However, every coin has two sides. on the one hand, it helps us very much in our privacy protection. On the other hand, For the sake of carelessness or accidence, we are perplexed with the problem of losing password. Thanks to the development of technology, many tricks are available to recover Windows XP password . In some cases, recovering from a lost password can be very easy though.
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