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Qt 4.7.1, Appup and VS2008 - nice!

This may be common knowledge, but I discovered this almost be accident. I am using VS2008 Prof and installed the IDE add-in 1.1.7. I downloaded Qt (>300MB) only to discover that it is built with MinGW, useless for me. Lots of threads recommend downloading source and using nmake to rebuild for Windows and warnings about SP1, etc. Fortunately, I found a pre-built install on the Nokia website at, qt-win-opensource-4.7.1-vs2008.exe

New Data Management Software

Hello Guys, I am not so much experienced with programming, I can write little programs and create some windows applications in C#, I am a Freelancer research analyst and consultant, I have to manage a huge data in MS excel and word formats in hierarchy structure, many times I forgot the name of the files or folders I created for a specific task when I need them after 1-2 months, also for easy access of all those files and folders I want to create a customize desktop application with the functionality of editing, deleting, copying, moving files and backup functionality,

Getting an error that says BadImageFormatException was unhandled

Hi Team!! My actual problem is coming after integrating the adpservice dll in my project and the error i am getting while debugging the program is mentioned as below : BADIMAGEFORMATEXCEPTION was unhandled. Could not load file or assembly 'AdpService, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null' or one of its dependencies. An attempt was made to load a program with an incorrect format. Thanks & Regards Vimarsh

One of my apps installs, but the others won't installs

As AppUp becomes more popular, many developers are publishing several apps at a time. However, to save time and resources, some developers are simply cloning a single MSI and then swapping out key files. Though this may appear to work, in actuality this shortcut will fail validation. Let me describe the scenario below. We begin with two apps I have as follows: App 1: Norman Chou - Hello App 2: Norman Chou – World

Compiler warning and missing .lib files after switching to SDK 1.0

I am trying out the SDK 1.0. The only new stuff I could see is the newly structured file directory and the addition of a debugging tool. Before I install the 1.0 SDK, I removed the old version including all the binaries and code. The problem I am having is as I tried to compile the sample code that came with the SDK as is, I got lots of warnings about the adpcored.lib . However, the compiler managed to generate a .exe file which I could run in conjunction with the debugger that came with the SDK.

App Up on Windows Vista

I am really not very sure why App Up client does not work on Windows Vista. Technically something which works on both XP and Windows7 should work on Vista as well. May be netbooks don't run Vista, but I consider AppUp is not just for Netbooks, I consider it a valuable software on every PC or even a MAC. I think they should bring out a Mac Version soon as that way users can install AppUp on Macs and download all those AIR apps available on it. Anyway this post is about Vista. Why AppUp does not run on Vista?????
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